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Conjuring & Curating (Game Jam Edition)View game page

Submitted by Aspect - Psi — 1 hour, 22 minutes before the deadline
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Conjuring & Curating (Game Jam Edition)'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#44.1114.111

Ranked from 27 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Mr. Pizza

Software used
Unity, SFXR, Aseprite,,

Use of the limitation
You Weigh more when holding a Book

Cookies eaten
Sadly 0

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great game really incorporates the theme and limitation great job:)


Good concept, well made!

An interesting and beautiful game. 10/10

I really liked the game, especially the screen shakes and the way the character moves. Well done!!


Really good and polished game. I found myself wishing there were more spell books to use since I really enjoyed the ones that are in the game. Great job on this!


The effects and sprites really come together here and the puzzles are well designed and fun.  The camera shake was activated too much sometimes though.  Amazing idea for a mechanic as it has so much it can do, really well done.  


Wow, that was beautiful :)

The levels were well designed and the mechanic was clever, but it was the visuals and effects that really brought it home for me :D


Really clever puzzle-platformer! Loved the presentation, only the screenshake was a bit to strong for my taste. 

Great game!


Excellent puzzle-platformer. Nice art, and lively animation on the main character. Nice puzzles: the dual use of the blocks was really clever.

The sound effects are great; music would have been nice addition.


This game was indeed really cool and fun to play. The art and tileset used was really nice and the concept was pretty good. I definitely agree with the other comments that the camera shaking was a little too much when using the spells, and jumping at the same time. Other than that, this game was a really nice game entry.


Really enjoyed this game, and I think it could be taken further with more spells and layering in more complex puzzles. The only problem I had is the player sprite can't get through a single tile opening, even tough it looks like he should be able to. I would just decrease the colliders size a bit.


I love this! I thought the difficulty level was perfect - the levels were challenging but not confusing. Really well done!


Nice entry, i really liked the mechanic and the character movement, also the stetic and the retro computer filter :0, maybe the screenshake is too much, if landing didn't cause the screen to shake it would be better imo


This game is fantastic. I really like being able to cast different spells depending on which book I'm holding and the puzzles are designed pretty well. The visual effects and art as well as the audio also have a nice sense of polish to them. Very well done.


I personally loved the art and challanging levels you have made as solo I personally give you a full 5 start from me ^^


This was really great! My brain hurts. If anything, I’d like to see a bit more information on what each spell book DOES, but it’s quite clear as-is, and the feedback you get from it is extremely satisfying. Those landings!

Submitted (1 edit)

Really fun puzzles and i love the art


Great design..the only thing that i would change would be the camera shacking, it can be a little to much but other then that quite a great game. Jam on


Nice presentation and puzzles! A bit too much screenshake


Cute art and challenging puzzles. Wonderful!