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Hi there, I bought the game on steam and played it 8 hours straight. After 6 hours it stopped being fun. So here are the things that at the end stopped me from continuing:

  • I'm colour-blind. It took me 1 hour to figure out that there are two different colors of gray. After looking at the guide on steam I figured out that there are even purple fish. That's bad, this essentially means I have three fish that look very similar to each other. Even worst, at some point I lost my gray fish and couldn't figure out if my fish are now black or gray. There are a few ways how this can be fixed:
    1. Give every color a unique shape. If you look at the card, you not only see the color of the fish but also the shape corresponding to the color.
    2. Show the name of the color of the fish, when hovering the mouse over it. Something similar would also be needed for the cards.
  • Finding the longitudinal line pattern felt very counterintuitive. Same goes with the gray colored fish. Having the longitudinal line pattern spawn for any combination with a small chance would have helped (I tried different combinations for about 2 hours. So having spawn at some point would have been helpful). For the gray colored fish I would have assumed that a black and a white fish would spawn a gray one. Not sure why it doesn't
  • I need more space in the book. At the beginning I liked collecting nice looking fish and putting them into the book. But as the game went on, I needed more and more space in the book for very specific fish (like full-colored fish or fish with a very rare pattern). I needed to throw away more and more fish even I really love how they looked. I was convinced that I would get more space as the game when on, but that was not the case.  Maybe think about having a full double page of empty spaced every now and then in the book. That would have definitely kept me going.

Overall this game is great and there are a lot of lovely features that kept my playing for such a long time. So I will definitely come back to it at some point. Cheers ;)

For colorblind mode you could use coloradd (

The best score mostly depends on luck. But 18 turns is really good. (specially if you don't know what you're doing) During play testing I was somewhere in the 100s, but now I should always manage it in less than 30 turns.


The idea was great, but the mechanic sadly don't there were a lot of cases where a double tap was interpreted as a single one.

I like it. Lovely puzzles

I'm color blind. I think that's way I don't get the game. I first though there are just the colors dark green and yellow, but than after not being able to pick up the key I realized: it must be light green instead of yellow (at least that's what I'm guessing)

The two screenshots look the same for me, so I'm guessing one of them is yellow?

To make your game color-blind friendly use colors with a clear contrast (like yellow-blue or Yellow-Black). Additionally, it might help if the key has an animation.

love the simplicity.

Love it. It has a perfect design, fits the theme is truly original ;) take my 15 stars.

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I'm a maths student who started using the pure functional language Elm for game development.
While I was programming one game over another, I notice that I could abstract away the core of the game into its own game engine.

This game jam was not only my first, but i also wanted to use it to stress test my engine. I wanted to focus on that for the next two days. At least that was the plan.

We'll as life can be I meet a girl just a few days prior, and so I decided I would spend more time with her than programming the game.

So I started writing very generic stuff while I was waiting for the topic to drop: A game editor, a very simple way to change the behaviour of objects and so on. The actual Game Jam began at midnight and the next day I would be with my date... well the date went a bit over time and so, at the end i just had 3 more hours left before the jam ended and still no proper game yet. But the game editor did its job. I had implemented the mechanics in about 30minutes and spend two more hours for the levels.

All in all, I could test my game engine and even add new features like an object manager or a game editor to it. I would call it a success. (also I got the girl, so that part of the story also turned out perfect)

A quick list of all items and their effect would have been great.

Also the fact that you can die got me to start over a lot of times, for a puzzler that's not great. At least it got me very uncomfortable in the cave.

Other than that, it was great.

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Nice game. Love it. It's just really hard to understand the rules (but it works by try and error)

My idea was to have one switch that changes everything in the game. It began as a very chaotic concept but I feel like it ended as a nice (short) puzzle game.

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So this was my first game jam. Not only for me but also for my own game engine. I wanted to see if I can write good (and readable) code while also being in a hurry. As an additional pain point I had only 16h to make this game.

But everything turned out great. Everything, from the art to the mechanic was designed to be done in 16h hours. After 12h I had the mechanic and only needed to create compelling levels.

I know my entry is not the best.
But if at least one person likes my game, I see it as a success (next game jam I'll give myself higher goals)