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I'd like to know too... I tried to use Pastebin's API (weird I know but I just need to save texts and it works for my purposes) but it was needlessly complicated and didn't manage to get it working. Even though Pastebin says that you can do it without the API you can't really because of some CORS issue.

I read somewhere that if you use's Butler when updating in some way you could keep it but I don't know much about it. Most of the info I found was from 3 years ago, was hoping that was not still an issue :/


Thank you so much for making a Let's Play! It has made my day :D

We made this as a student game 2 years ago (I'm just uploading it to now hehe) in under 4 months and sadly didn't have time to implement the boss fight, so we just put it there to die with one hit. But I'm really happy you liked it!

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Hi, this is my first published asset in and first asset pack I'm selling. It's pending review in the Unity Asset Store. Let me know what you think :)

You can get it here.

The package includes:

  • Wall (A) [1,136 tris] 
  • Door frame (A) [584 tris] 
  • Corner (A) [762 tris] 
  • Floor (A) [500 tris] 
  • Door (B) [513 tris] 
  • Ceiling (B) [60 tris] 
  • Cactus (B) [1,842 tris] 
  • Regeneration unit (C) [2,232 tris] 
  • Storage unit (C) [685 tris] 
  • Generator [50,522 tris]

The letters in parenthesis indicate what assets share textures, there're 3 packs of 2048x2048px PBR textures, the generator has its own set of textures. 

 The regeneration unit is a table with bottles, I also included the table and bottles as separate objects. There's also a lamp there, that one is not really optimized but I just added it for the renders, wasn't really part of the pack. 

The generator has a rig so you can rotate the fan and move the fan cover. 

 If this sells 10 times I'll add a good lamp, and another object to it (reviewers can submit an idea I'll take into account). At 20 ratings I'll add another object.

See in Sketchfab