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3D modular environment asset pack (inside of a cabin)

A topic by Erika M created Aug 10, 2017 Views: 204
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Hi, this is my first published asset in and first asset pack I'm selling. It's pending review in the Unity Asset Store. Let me know what you think :)

You can get it here.

The package includes:

  • Wall (A) [1,136 tris] 
  • Door frame (A) [584 tris] 
  • Corner (A) [762 tris] 
  • Floor (A) [500 tris] 
  • Door (B) [513 tris] 
  • Ceiling (B) [60 tris] 
  • Cactus (B) [1,842 tris] 
  • Regeneration unit (C) [2,232 tris] 
  • Storage unit (C) [685 tris] 
  • Generator [50,522 tris]

The letters in parenthesis indicate what assets share textures, there're 3 packs of 2048x2048px PBR textures, the generator has its own set of textures. 

 The regeneration unit is a table with bottles, I also included the table and bottles as separate objects. There's also a lamp there, that one is not really optimized but I just added it for the renders, wasn't really part of the pack. 

The generator has a rig so you can rotate the fan and move the fan cover. 

 If this sells 10 times I'll add a good lamp, and another object to it (reviewers can submit an idea I'll take into account). At 20 ratings I'll add another object.

See in Sketchfab