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Jogo deu uma bugada e o final tá inacessível, mas a gente vai corrigir depois que acabar a jam :'^)

Foi a melhor coisa que eu já animei KKKKKKKKKKKKKK 

Hi! Not yet. But we are working on that for the next update 😊

Muito massa!
Achei muito bacana o traço

Ah! Nesse caso, vou aguardar as próximas rotas :^)

Bem maneiro! Infelizmente não consegui selecionar as outras opções (natação e lambaeróbica) pra ver que caminhos teriam

Ooi! Minha amiga @yooclara quer jogar seu jogo na live dela hoje as 19:00 (se não tiver problema ahaushsuhs)

Hi! I'm a 2D Artist and Game Designer and I'm interested in your project! 
My portfolio:

If interested, you can contact-me:
Discord: Opalablue#7247

I tried changing the resolution of my game to 1104x624 and It didn't had any performance issues. Maybe there is something else happening.

Thank you! I want to bring news about it very soon.

Hi! I have no idea. Maybe it's because my game doesn't have many plugins other plugins, events or maps?

Congratulations to all the winners! You guys deserved it! And also, congratulations to everyone who was able to participate in this jam! 

I plan to release a final update to fix some bugs and dialogue problems, improve battle balance and add some things. But I won't be working on this version for too long, since I'm already planning to keep developing in another engine.

Muito obrigada! Fico feliz que tenha gostado!

Muito obrigada por jogar meu jogo! Se puder avaliar com  a sua nota isso ajuda muito ♡

Thank you 😎

I would've started at the beginning of the jam. This extra time would've made it possible for me to add battle backgrounds, more playtesting, which would lead to more balanced combats, solve small passage bugs and translation problems...
And I wished I could make the battles more interesting. Adding new powers and giving proper recompense when powerful enemies are defeated. Working better on the Stellar Keys system to add more usable keys.
Well, that was my first complete project. Making it was one of the best experiences of my life. A lot of people actually liked it, so I hope I can do better in future versions. I'm already planning to make a last update for this prototype after the judging period ends.

Congratulations to everyone for making so far! Completing a game is a big challenge.

Muito obrigada!! <3

FULL GAMEPLAY [no commentary] [all endings]: 

Muito obrigada! ♡♡

This game was pretty cute and so much fun! Kinda gave me the Luca vibes! I'm really curious about her trip to the surface. Hope I can play the ending sometime soon!
Rated 5

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Akeli Starlight belongs to a race called Glowmies, that gains power with the light of the stars.

Her planet dived in a crisis after a mysterious event known as the Final Glow: the day were almost all the stars vanished from the night sky. All that left was a small dwarf star, that barely keeps them alive. Tired of seeing her people perish in weakness, Akeli decides to start a journey to bring the stars back and save the world!

Thank you very much for rating and playing my game!!

Pretty good game! I loved the graphics, specially because you actually took your time to polish and make good animations even for small things. The sound and graphic feedback is also pretty nice (which made me want to keep cutting bushes)!
The game is kinda difficult, specially at the beginning because the Buckler it's not really obvious. That didn't bother me, because I usually like challenging RPGs where the strategy is important. But other players may find it frustrating.
Really fun! Rated 5

Thank you very much for playing! <3
I plan on keep developing this project further!

Jogo muito divertido! A arte de ps1 me cativou desde que bati o olho lá no grupo do facebook kkkk
A personagem é bem divertida! Eu jogaria outros jogos com ela. A única coisa que achei foi que na última parte fica muito difícil enxergar alguma coisa.
Meus parabéns!

Jogo muito divertido! A arte de ps1 me cativou desde que bati o olho lá no grupo do facebook kkkk
A personagem é bem divertida! Eu jogaria outros jogos com ela. A única coisa que achei foi que na última parte fica muito difícil enxergar alguma coisa.
Meus parabéns!

Thank you for your feedback! 
I will be working on these issues on the next versions.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for playing and reviewing my game! It helps a lot! 

Muito obrigada por jogar meu jogo na sua live <3
Foi muito divertido! Fico muito feliz que tenha gostado

Muito obrigada! Espero que se divirta!

Se esse jogo ganhar eu estou em paz

Just finished your game! So, here's some feedback:

-The level design is pretty good! I really liked the second city map (my favorite so far) and the tower! You might have a great future as a level designer if you wish to go through that path
-The characters reactions could use a little work
-I'm kinda suspect to say since I like strategy and challenges, but the battles seemed too easy.

The conflict is pretty interesting. The King was really unpleasant , so I've choose the dragon side! Hope I made a good decision lol

Thank you very much! ♡

This game was really fun to play! The battles can be quite challenging sometimes, which is really fun for me! Also, the animations (specially the battle ones) are really amazing! Nice job!

Thank you for playing my game and giving me feedback! This helps a lot!
I was short in time so a lot of translation/spelling erros occurred. Unfortunately, I only noticed most of them after the submission deadline. But I do plan on fixing it by the end of the jam.
A lot of people told me that the game was quite difficult, and that going against the current and not making monsters the primary source of money was not a good decision, and I recognize it now. Well, learning by making mistakes is still learning. I plan to work on all of this on a final version.

Thank you very much for playing and rating my game! This means a lot!
Well, Akeli has her personal reasons for trying to save the world (despite saving her own life), but I didn't really had the opportunity to show it. I had a lot planned for this game, but I had to keep things simple or I would risk not finishing it at all. That's the problem of being a solo dev. Too much to do and no time at all. And well, Alhena is a kid who sees a pretty scary creature being beaten by a girl in a superhero costume, promising to save her from a doomed world. But I agree with you that she trusted a little too easy. When working on a definitive version, I plan on giving the story and characters a little more work.

And I will definitely take a look at your game! This jam brought some really interesting projects. Just hope I have time to play everything! 

Hello! Can I share my games in other places too? Like GameJolt or RPG Maker forums?

RPG Maker Crashing for no reason and battle design where my greatest enemies lol