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Great! Thanks.

Is it possible to play this on Game Boy emulator instead?

Greetings. I plan to work on an experiment - a collection of games, each representing a gaming generation from 1st to 9th. Problem is when using Butler for uploads, there seems not to be a way to change the filename; it is always named after the Itch app ID and the device channel I set for it. For instance, instead of "tour-of-generations-win", I want to change it to "Gen 5" or at least "gen-5-win".

Is there a way I can do this?

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Just drag all the contents of the zip into BoA's main game directory and your set.

Ah. I see... That is fine as well I suppose.

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I want this for my wanted poster.

UPDATE: I realized the character has a modern era rifle in his hand, making this feel out of time sync for your game. If this is a problem let me know, and I will create a different drawing that fits the Wild Western theme. This drawing is based in the Middle East, inspired by the Soviet-Afghan War and the War on Terror.

There are three pk3 files. You'll have to switch between them whenever you are playing each of their respective campaigns. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Just place the respective campaign package file in the main folder of your Call of Duty directory and you are set.

This is definitely a UE4 project. He discusses the engine in the YouTube description.

Name of engine?

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Cellular, old-school, sci-fi, retro-FPS action inspired by Quake II, Battletanx, and even (too a MUCH smaller extent), Osmosis Jones and Army Men: Sarge's Heroes! 7 weapons with each unique function! Secrets galore in virtually every level to collect! Fight through many ranks of the Crimson Viruses and their vehicles, as well as the nasty wildlife in underliquid swimming areas! Listen to awesome heavy metal and synth music from White Bat while you're ramming Viruses with total carnage while driving an auto-chariot!

Now with DirectX 12 Software Raytracing!


Noted. Thank you.

Does this engine support web browser use? HTML5 or WebGL?

I'd love to run my games on the website.

Thank you.

Name of game engine?

Wish this had wedgies to add to the mix.

Yes. It did the trick.

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I looked into it, however it seems it bloats in size as I play more Flash games. Fortunately Adobe recently released a projector to rectify the disruption of Flash game support.

Thank you. Playing now.

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Its freezing and stuttering.

I shall give this Flash Projector a try.

Adobe Flash discontinued. The game no longer works.

Adobe Flash discontinued. The game no longer works.

Adobe Flash discontinued. The game no longer works.

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Adobe Flash discontinued. The game no longer works on browser.

Thanks! Rachet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal was the primary source of inspiration combined with Warhammer 40K's Space Marine drop pods when developing this game.

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Name of game engine?
I have a hunch this may be an Unreal Engine 4 game.

This was fantastic! The music and art style blends perfectly with this game! I truly enjoyed playing with Shadowriver and other players online.

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Thanks! It is quite difficult I will admit. I wanted to make the AI more skilled than those jokes from my previous jam entries, but I guess I should have made some of the planes dormant instead. You can accelerate forward then u-turn opposite of your direction and spray bullets the enemy planes intensively. Alternatively, you can target the larger planes and gun them down or more score (while dodging attacks from other enemy planes).

Glad to meet a fellow fan of Army Men and my game.
We're actually planning to re-brand it for a commercial project, and the website expired, but the download is working once more on the page.

If you guys need any help, let me know. I am really impressed with the progress this game has demonstrated.

Do you lot have a Discord page I can join?

Thanks! I might expand on the game concept in the near future.

That and the art style also emits the same vibe.

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Name of game engine?
EDIT: Nvm, It's RPG Maker MV (one of your videos gave it away).