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Oscar Martinez

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IT IS A GREAT TOOL! Is there any possibility that in the future the tool can export the games to the micro msx?

A story about slave labor.

Asa a story about work and life

Hello, I have recently finished this interactive fiction, if it can be called fiction, since the situation of many people exceeds what is exposed in the game.  The game is only in Spanish, since it did not dominate English enough to make a correct translation.  I hope you find the story attractive enough, to reach its end, thanks for your time

you're absolutely right, it is helped with the Spanish translated;-) But it's a great compliment!

You are a Crack, a great tribute

Thank you very much for the answer, a greeting.

Hello, it acquired the source for 1 eur ... It is the ideal source for a game we are developing. I have a doubt ? What kind of use I make it ?

Esperamos los avances. Un saludo

It seems that the game works fine in Chrome.

It seems that the game works fine in Chrome.

What's going on? The game worked in chrome. I will try, sorry