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Count me in! And if I get anything else done, i"ll submit that too

Unfortunately, an unexpected family situation has come up and I'm going to have to withdraw, despite having made some good framework I won't be able to finish in 10 hours :( Good luck and good writing to all the remaining participants!

I'm going to be there!

This is actually what frustrated me about the game I'm playing with. (I'm working on two of my own custom systems and settings at the moment, but once one of them is done I'll push ahead on the FitD hack). It's a fairly? popular FitD game that seems to have left every part of Blades in the Dark in, even ones that don't make much sense to me.

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I'm starting to play with a FitD hack and the first thing I likewise took out was base building and claims, neither of which fit with the theme. Claims will make their way back eventually in a completely different (and completely optional) form that's tailor built for a specific purpose, but as it stands they're not adding to the genre emulation I want to have.

I also took out supports, like your gang, since I want the game to have much more narrative on the player characters themselves than gathering a small army of people. 

I'm making two of my own systems for two separate games at the moment, though I'm really focused on one alone. 

Basically, I think that mechanics inform how people play a game . People respond to incentives, and they respond to incentives based on what options exist for their characters. I want to make sure those options tell thematic and interesting stories.

Mechanics form the "words" for the language of a game, and I haven't found any preexisting games that let me speak to players and encourage them to play out certain types of stories. Most languages in the world for games are focused pretty narrowly on combat, and I want to have a language that encompasses more than that but deals specifically with the themes and tone that I want the games I'm making to have. Adapting PbtA, or FATE, or d20 to them would leave the gameplay loops absent from the game without the GM trying to force them in, for relatively minimal payoff for the players. 

Is there a quick rundown on the resolution system that we can peep before deciding whether or not to buy it?