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Sorry about that, does it work for you now?

Lovely! I really like the xianxia theme and also the nice use of Ren'Py's ATL and transitions (especially the stars when they transition to their adult forms). Great job!

Hi! Could you please let us know what OS you're on? By default it should work on 32-bit systems, so we'll have to dig a bit to see why that's not working~

Loooved that the playable character was a magical enby <3 The sewing mechanic was well done and a nice little challenge. The character stories and art were my favorite part, I loved the thoughtful outfit designs and the writing had me tearing up. I love all these magical folx!

This is super cute! The "Cover Blown" ending was my favorite. Awesome job!

Ahh, so sorry to hear that. Is it still giving you issues? I took a quick look and it seems normal from my end but I can try some other stuff if it's still not working for you.

Great game! Loved the characters and the writing, and I look forward to the next release. I'm excited to learn more about Avery and January's past!

Thank you for your kind words! We have a walkthrough here:

Wow, the art looks great already! I especially like the logo and the MC side image, so cute!

I LOVE the story concept, and the art is looking amazing already!

This is gorgeous! I love the art and the music. The story was simple but touching. Great job!

Yes! Download then extract the files. If you are on OSX a playable application should have been extracted and you can click on that to play. If you are on Windows or Linux, then a folder will be extracted, and inside the folder there will be an executable application you can click on the play. Hope that helps, please feel free to let us know if you're still having trouble playing.

Wow, thank you! Youtube says the video is still processing but I'm sooo excited to watch once it's up! There actually are romance endings for each of the girls, so counting the neutral ends there are 6 endings in total.

Awesome game! The horror scenes had great atmosphere and I LOVE the monster designs but I'm also really glad it had a wholesome ending for the characters.

I'd be interested in helping out depending on the scope of the project! Unfortunately it says that you're not accepting friend requests on Discord so I can't DM you.

Very cute and well done! The art is stellar and I love the twist in the story!

Short but effective. I felt tense the whole time, even through multiple play throughs.

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I liked the writing and the mood of the game! I survived with 19 Maine facts, so I feel like a bonafide Maine expert now.

Nice game! I liked the diverse cast of characters and I'm interested to see where the story goes in Chapter 2.

I love the atmosphere of this game! The art is really good, and I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

Wow I love everything about this game! The writing, art, and music are great and I love how the cooking recipes are phrased as riddles. I would love to see more if you all decide to continue working on it after the jam!

Thank you, Wudgeous <3

Risk is definitely a big part of game play! The secret for three stars is to  head straight to the edge of the frost to get the furthest flowers first and save the close ones last, but there is also a luck component in that it's much harder if the flowers happen to spawn in a tough layout.

We'll be updating with a small patch to make it bit more accessible with mice/trackpads :)

All the cats are so adorable in their winter wear! I enjoyed the dress up portion but I was a little confused by the other parts. Still very cute!

Short and  very sweet <3
I love the art!

It took a few tries but I was finally able to save everyone. Super cute game, and very impressive for two weeks!

Thank you!

Thank you! Three stars is possible but still quite hard so we might need to tweak the balance a bit XD

Cute game! I love the art and audio.

Fun game! I want to befriend all the penguin fellas and invite them to a bon fire.

That's such a cool effect! Maya is going to be a star 

I have a very limited stomach for horror but giving me a dog is a very good way to convince me to go into some scary as heck woods at night. Excited to see how this develops!

Oof, as an AsAm I felt that order anxiety. Nice game :)

This sounds so freaking cute! Moritz and Winky  look like very good dogs, please send them my regards <3

I love the clean art and the lab theme, can't wait to see what your ideas develop into!

The creator's sprite looks like it's coming along nicely. Love the Dorian stache <3 I haven't seen that music video before but that's a vibe.

Thank you! I was pretty proud of the animations in a few scenes.
Thanks for noting the missing background error, it has been fixed :)

Thank you! The keyboard not responding after certain crab catches bug should be fixed now :)

Glad you like the aesthetic! One other person had a similar issue as you with the journal button, but it's hard to recreate so I'm still looking into it. Does it happen every time you try to play the game or just sometimes?