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Thank you, Wudgeous <3

Risk is definitely a big part of game play! The secret for three stars is to  head straight to the edge of the frost to get the furthest flowers first and save the close ones last, but there is also a luck component in that it's much harder if the flowers happen to spawn in a tough layout.

We'll be updating with a small patch to make it bit more accessible with mice/trackpads :)

All the cats are so adorable in their winter wear! I enjoyed the dress up portion but I was a little confused by the other parts. Still very cute!

Short and  very sweet <3
I love the art!

It took a few tries but I was finally able to save everyone. Super cute game, and very impressive for two weeks!

Thank you!

Thank you! Three stars is possible but still quite hard so we might need to tweak the balance a bit XD

Cute game! I love the art and audio.

Fun game! I want to befriend all the penguin fellas and invite them to a bon fire.

That's such a cool effect! Maya is going to be a star 

I have a very limited stomach for horror but giving me a dog is a very good way to convince me to go into some scary as heck woods at night. Excited to see how this develops!

Oof, as an AsAm I felt that order anxiety. Nice game :)

This sounds so freaking cute! Moritz and Winky  look like very good dogs, please send them my regards <3

I love the clean art and the lab theme, can't wait to see what your ideas develop into!

The creator's sprite looks like it's coming along nicely. Love the Dorian stache <3 I haven't seen that music video before but that's a vibe.

Thank you! I was pretty proud of the animations in a few scenes.
Thanks for noting the missing background error, it has been fixed :)

Thank you! The keyboard not responding after certain crab catches bug should be fixed now :)

Glad you like the aesthetic! One other person had a similar issue as you with the journal button, but it's hard to recreate so I'm still looking into it. Does it happen every time you try to play the game or just sometimes?

Thanks for your work running this jam last year and this year up until now!

Glad I could help! Making non-VN games in Ren'Py is actually kinda my jam, so feel free to reach out if you have questions. Good luck with everything!

Nettle looks so cute in that hat! I LOVE snails so I'm really eager to see what role that character will play.

This looks so good already! I'm also digging the cartoony point and click vibes, and the colors look great. Also I WANT TO BEFRIEND A FISH.

The sprites are so cute! I love cooking games and cozy adventure/exploration games so I'm keeping an eye on this one. The "couch multiplayer" is a nice touch too. Also I like your username :P

I love this concept! I really enjoyed Gone Home and A Normal Lost Phone so they is very up my alley and I look forward to playing the finished project. Sorry to hear about your back, I hope you feel better soon. For the grid spacing you can use nulls to insert a blank space of a certain size, like so : null width 20 height 20.

This art and audio aesthetic is awesome, perfect crabbing vibes 🦀

Loved it! Short but sweet~

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Checked out Moonlight Tales and it was pretty neat, by chance would you also like an extra programmer for this jam?

Dang, missed opportunity.

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Thank you very much! There are definitely issues with balancing the timers. It's worsened by the fact that it's not well communicated when things happen when you're taking other actions, so if you take a 20 minute action, you may see cutscenes from events that happened 15 minutes ago or events that just happened when you finished whatever you were doing, but there's nothing to differentiate them. We're going to push a build later this week (once we've recovered from the jam!) that tweaks the timers (among other things) to be more forgiving, but for certain parts (very few parts) it is intentional in order to force the player to make story decisions :)

Thank you! It's great to hear that.