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Thanks for giving it a try! Don't have to much experience designing platformer levels so that's something to work on for the next one thanks for the feedback!

This is awesome haha very cute and fun simple combat. The 3D was something really cool to pull off. Great job!

This is awesome haha I spent way too long building dumb stuff out of blocks and getting the timing right for jumping and placing a block underneath me while midair. Really fun and simple gameplay great job!

This game is absolutely massive! You really found a workflow that worked for you! Lots of fun and the puzzles can be very engaging.

The music for me was the best part so it's hardly a complaint! More of a IF YOU AREN'T DOWNLOADING IT BECAUSE OF BUILD SIZE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DOWNLOAD IT!

This is something I really wasn't expecting to find in the GBJam but I'm so happy I did! I played this at 11PM and when I grabbed that key I thought for a second I broke the game - then I frantically started looking for a way out of the room haha! You get so immersed in reading everything and clicking and investigating things that the spooks really sneak up on you! Had a blast, great entry!

Holy cow! Was taken aback by the size but decided to download anyways. 100% WORTH IT! The music nailed the nostalgia of early gameboy rpgs like Pokemon/FF/DQ. I love the little scroll at the bottom for navigating the menu and the coding was a brilliant way to let the player customize their Bots. Combat is simple and understandable + you get to use the moves you make. 5s all across from me.

You really nailed the Gameboy aesthetic in my book. Felt like a Mario spin off, visually, like a sort of Dr. Mario. Coach Mario! Welcome to kickball class haha