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go for it! I made it for my game You Are Dead

Would appreciate if you check it out but nah dude go for it, don’t even care if you credit me. Merry Christmas dawg!

I don't know what else to do besides this:

I keep seeing :


  • Your post is missing something that the rules require. Please read the rules before posting.

I have included a summary, a link, images, and a video. What else am I missing?

This is amazing. Any chance you would release the source code?

Under recipients the only option is "All Buyers" - which in the case of my free game is only 11 people who have donated.

I want to send an email to everyone who has downloaded. Is this possible? Thanks.

Link to the game:

Find magic weapons and abracadabra your way through 3 challenging bosses and their colorful domains in this roguelike twin-stick shooter. 

This is a game about finding permanent upgrades. Upgrades can make the difference between a 20 minute run and a 2 hour run. In total this game contains approximately 6+ hours of gameplay, with just enough variety in each run to keep things interesting.

I've been working on this game for 4 years. I hope you can see the effort I've put into this passion project!


Wow man that's so nice. Thank you! Made my day.

No immediate plans for mobile right now. I would have to reconfigure the controls as they're pretty hefty right now.

Unlike other twin stick shooters where auto-firing is an option, YAD uses the same targeting to control a melee weapon, which sort of nullifies the need for auto-firing. That said, I still implemented it as an option in the new update. And down the road I might include an auto-aim option like what Enter the Gungeon does. This would all be stretch goals, and necessary for a mobile release.

There is still half a game left to build out, so I'm expecting a long time before it's complete. But just keep checking in as this grows! It's going to get seriously fun 2 updates from now ;)

New update coming soon! Stay tuned!

Absolutely! Whatever works.

Wah wah okay

What about duplicating/ cloning a project?

I don't want to delete it, but it would be great to be able to hide or archive one of my games I've developed. What would be the best way to do this?

Every single one of these made me laugh out loud. Thank you so much for your genuine taste and creativity.

Hell yes

I am so impressed with the design here. This looks like a game Nintendo published. Well done!

Haha no worries! It's somewhat randomly generated. The levels are pre-made with various elements. The next update will keep this formula but also hopefully feel more random. Keep an eye out for the update!

Thanks! Big update coming soon. Feel free to check out the discord or social to keep up with the progress:

Hey it looks great in your game! Nice work!

Oh I see, so actually I added those only for my personal game here:

You might choose to copy the design. I didn't include them in this asset pack.

hi I’m not sure I understand your question. This asset is for a free cloud pixel tile set. 

Got stuck in the first giant U. How can I speed up to escape?

Does this take much processing power in the background?

Genuinely the best thing I've played on in a long time. Nice work!

My demo has been out for about 6 months. It's called You Are Dead. When I query "You Are Dead" I do not see it in the search results.

Am I doing something wrong here? Why wouldn't it show up? Thanks!

I feel you on that! I’m no Picasso so I kept my game art limited to a 16x16 standard. Still fun tho!

Well I had to learn to continue progress on this game I’m making. Had ideas for things that didn’t come in the asset pack I purchased. You can see more here if you like, and would really love to get your feedback!

Are you an artist as well?

Thx! Have updated.

Wow dude I just laughed out loud the whole time. You're so entertaining! Thank you for playing. I know it's dark souls tough, but there are rules and once you figure out the cadence it's much more forgiving. Hope you'll work to get to the end!

Dude amazing thank you! Hope you keep pushing through. It’s hard to master. 

THIS is very helpful. Thanks!

I figured as much. But what about the fresh games? I used to think they were just recently posted games, but I believe they have to be going through some approval filter or something.

Like the title says - just wondering how to get more visibility within the itch site. Thx!

My man! 🙌

You played on easy didn’t you 👀

Found out this is a bug. Have updated in V1.02. Hope you'll try again and beat the game as a whole!

Dang, it actually is not the end of the level. Do you know if you played V1.0 or V1.01?

Got it. The v1.01 should have fixed that issue. If you continue to play lmk if you have that same issue with the new version. Would also appreciate if you filled out the survey 🙏

This is awesome thanks! I noticed the Boss didn’t trigger on your second encounter. Can you tell me if you were playing v1.0 or 1.01?

Thanks! If you could would you please fill out the survey?

Honored you would make this video! I hope you had fun.