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No worries, it was worth the wait. Thank you so much :D <3

I've been trying to install Itch on my computer, but it prompts an error:

There was a problem during setup: Could not validate version 15.21.0 of butler

I tried manually installing Butler but that has not helped, nor trying to restart/reinstall the app, or using Admin privileges. And I do not have an antivirus, so I cannot whitelist this app. And even when attempting to do so on Windows, the app does not show on my list to whitelist.

For reference I am using Windows 11 pro. If more information is needed, I'll be glad to help

Thank you so much :D

OMG this game loos so friggin cool :)

I would love to support the game. but I wanted to ask first... is this game in 32 or 64 bit on windows? :O

Amazing title! It would mean a lot if you also had a x86 (32bit) version if it's feasible, otherwise great job y everyone involved :D <3

Amazing game, would mean a lot if oyu could consider also including a x86 (32-bit) version as well for the steam version <3

Thank you so much!! I appreciate the response a lot, and even if you can't don't worry, the thought is what matters.
For context, I use a ARM PC running windows: Snapdragon 850 (CPU speed is 2.9 GHz).

Most ARM PCs now can emulate x64, but not every ARM PC is optimized for it, so x86 )32-bit) is usually the safest way to go, or UWP apps (universal windows apps that can run on ARM64). Again, thank you so much <3

There's a lot of amazing games in this site. What I wanted to suggest was adding a filter in the searches that allows to find games that are built in different architectures. For example, is good to have Windows/Mac/Linux filters and so on.... it would honestly help alot more too if there was a way to filter if the games have x86/x64/ARM builds.

Additionally, it would be great to see ARM64 support (UWP) for the windows app as well. With the rise of ARM devices, it would be great if was ahead of the curve and had native support for it.

This game seems fun! :) 

I wanted to ask if it's possible to consider adding x86(32-bit) or ARM64 (UWP) versions for this game for Windows too?... This would make it more accessible to more folks with different windows computers.

Thank you and amazing work you've done!<3

OMG I can't believe I am barely discovering this game... truly seems like alot of fun :)
I wanted to ask if it's possible to consider adding x86(32-bit) or ARM64 (UWP) versions for this game for Windows too?... This would make it more accessible to more folks with different windows computers, since the x64 versions don't seem to run well on my computer.

Thank you  and amazing work you've done!<3

Very fun game :) it would mean alot if you could also have an x86 version, but if you can't don't worry I am glad to support your works <3

Amazing concept for a game... If you ever make an x86 version too, I would love to support this game. Other than that, great work <3

That means alot, thank you so much :) Would be fun to play this, and again, great work! <3

OMG thank you so much!! <3 I just bought the game now, can't wait to give it a try, I appreciate this a lot!

Ahh gotcha... if it's not a lot of trouble, for future updates would you include also an x86 (32) version too fi it's feasible? :( <3 Would be nice to play the game but if you can't I understand!

This seems like such a fun game :) before buying, I wanted to ask if this game is either x86 or x64? Thank you, and huge props for this <3

Amazing game and concept.... the work on it is truly stellar.
The fact that this was all made by you is truly surprising... I am not a dev, but I do want to give you huge props on your work :)

if you are open to a quick review, here are somethings that a couple of friends and I thought about the game:

What we liked

  • The concept is unique
  • There is something hilarious about fighting appliances
  • Stages are big enough to explore
  • Playing online seems easy and straightforward
  • No lag was present and we were all from different parts of the world so that's great.

What we wish the game could have

  • The gameplay is fun, it would help if there was a way to adjust the time limits for the main battle mode in the game so that it's not as long (10 minutes can take a bit long).
  • The fighting mechanics are neat, but at times it can be a bit janky. Some polishing in the movement/fight mechanics could help it shine more.
  • More game modes in the future would be neat... Survival mode is nice, but I feel that other modes that encourage the stage exploration would be cool. Water is hard to find, and at times trying to find a user in a big map like the house can feel like a chore.

What we would recommend

  • One of the things I feel would make the game match the wild and uniqueness is to add a bit more variety in the combat goes. For example, it is easier to gang up on a user and just button smash someone to death. This could be easier by adding a mechanism where when punched or special punched you're launched out in the air (think of it kinda like how in Smash bros. you get punched a way  your damage percentage increases) so that a character is not stuck.
  • The time that it takes to do a taunt or for attacks to be triggered is a bit slower, which I feel can hinder gameplay.
  • Much like how the doors can be destroyed, it would be cool to see if it's possible to also destroy elements in the game, this could help a lot when it comes to traveling long maps and add a level of madness. Walls, surrounding, floor tiling... 
  • Graphical optimization - The game ran at bellow 30fps and most of our systems were pretty beefy... Maybe some graphical optimization could help the game feel more crisp and responsive.
  • The fridge is too OP lol which is fine, but some balance with the other appliances would be neat.

Just know that all these notes come from a place of love, since we do like this game! We wish this game can continue to grow <3

Sorry to bother >.< But if an x86 win version is available to download as well, that would be much appreciated. Again, amazing work <3

OMG thank you so much <3 and no worries, I will be glad to put it to the test... Once again, amazing works and thank you so much for the request, means alot :)

OMG what a cute concept for a game :) I would love to support, but I wanted to ask if the  Windows version is 32 or 64 bit? :O and if it's x64, would it be possible to consider adding a x86 version of it too? If not don't worry, I'll still be glad to support this title. Again, keep up the great work <3

Amazing game! :D If you were ever to make a 32win version too, this would be much appreciated. Keep up the amazing work :)

This game is so beautiful... if you could consider making an x86 version for Windows so that it's compatible with more platforms, it would mean alot :) Other than that, great work!

Not gonna lie... the concept seems quite intriguing (and a catchy as hell theme sing LOL)... Sadly I can't play it after buying it since my computer is not x64... it would mean a lot if you could consider making either a 32bit (x86) or UWP port of this title for Windows too <3 Again, amazing works and even if you can't, props for this!

Pretty fun game! :D it would mean alot if you could consider making an x86 executable of this game as well so that it's more compatible with more platforms on Windows. Other than that, amazing works ;) <3

This is amazing :) If your team ever makes a PC port, it would mean alot if there is either a x86 (32bit) or a UWP (ARM64) windows version available as well. Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work <3

Thank you, but yeah my PC is windows not Linux. Tho I will give it a try on another system too.... If ARM64 is not feasible in Windows, maybe considering adding an x86(32bit) version too would be cool.... again, amazing work and can't wait to see this game evolve further :)

OMG thank you so much, I will test it out :) I appreciate your response and help <3

Huge props on this fan game, it's truly amazing! It would mean a lot if in future updates  you could consider making either an x86(32-bit) port or one for Windows ARM (ARM64) so that it can run in more platforms in windows and be a bit more accessible.

Again, props for all the amazing work! :)

Understandable, no worries, thanks for reaching out! :)

This is truly an amazing game <3 If you were to consider making a 32 bit exe too, this would be lovely <3

The trailer and reviews seem amazing.. I wish I could try the game, but I wanted to ask first if the game is a x64 or x86? and if so, would it be possible to maybe port this game for x86 (32-bit) win as well? I'll still love to support your works regardless :)

WOW, amazing work. This is a very nice concept and I love all the work you've put into it...

If I was to make one big suggestion, would be to add support for controllers, and also Windows  ARM64 support. It would be great to play this on the go in my ARM PC handheld, so if this is something you could consider adding, it would mean a lot :) Thank you so much, and I will love to continue supporting your work

This game is amazing! However I think there is no XBOX 360/Xinput support or it was failing on my end... If this is something that could be addressed, that would be great. Other than that, amazing title :)

Thank you so much for the response :) keep up the amazing work!

Amazing game! Playing this on android was fun... For Windows, it would be great if you could consider adding either a x86 or an ARM64 Win version too for more platforms :)

Other than that, keep up the great work!

That is great to know, and no worries I understand is no easy task; but I do appreciate it alot :) I'll enjoy on my Mac in the meantime while ARM ports are in the works, keep up the great work!

This game is truly amazing!! Huge props to everyone involved in the project... I wanted to ask since this game has an android port, would the team be open to porting this game too for Windows ARM? (i.e. Surface Pro X, and other ARMPC Win devices)

I tired running the game through an emulation layer but sadly it's very choppy on my end, and it would bean so much of this was an option available for this and upcoming episodes. If your team can't I understand, but I figured I;'d ask since I am truly in love with this game's.

Hello, this game was a blast to play back in the demo days... I wanted to ask if you could maybe consider porting this game for ARM64 on windows since x64 executables can be rough to run in ARM PCs.
This would mean alot, and I would love to keep supporting your works, thank you!