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Dragon Drop

Frenzied Couch-Multiplayer + Adorable Dragons! · By Cloudy Games LLC

Amazing game... add x86/UWP support?

A topic by odinstan-09876 created Apr 13, 2022 Views: 396 Replies: 3
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OMG I can't believe I am barely discovering this game... truly seems like alot of fun :)
I wanted to ask if it's possible to consider adding x86(32-bit) or ARM64 (UWP) versions for this game for Windows too?... This would make it more accessible to more folks with different windows computers, since the x64 versions don't seem to run well on my computer.

Thank you  and amazing work you've done!<3


We're so glad to hear that, thank YOU so much for playing and enjoying the game!!! :D
We can absolutely look into it and see how viable it'd be to build for, would love to make it work if we have the bandwidth to do so! <3
Feel free to shoot us your hardware specs as well, and any other information that you think might help our investigation. :D


Thank you so much!! I appreciate the response a lot, and even if you can't don't worry, the thought is what matters.
For context, I use a ARM PC running windows: Snapdragon 850 (CPU speed is 2.9 GHz).

Most ARM PCs now can emulate x64, but not every ARM PC is optimized for it, so x86 )32-bit) is usually the safest way to go, or UWP apps (universal windows apps that can run on ARM64). Again, thank you so much <3

so much