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Howdy! Sure thing, join our discord and ask for a key in general we'll have one of our mods verify you got the bundle and get you a key, thanks again for supporting the relief effort!!

Just uploaded it, please let me know if it works! Thanks for your patience and thanks for letting us know!

Shoot, this is correct! We'll try to get that fixed as soon as we can for you!

Happy to be on here, enjoy the demos folks!!! <3

We're glad to hear it, thank you so much!! <3

Apologies for the delay, we just added some more steam keys, thanks for the heads up and please try again! :D

Are you still having this issue? We've got some major control fixes in the next update to make sure things are working. Feel free to hop in our discord and folks would be happy to help figure out what's up!

No worries at all! I hope you're enjoying the game :D

gosh, thank you!!! :D

It's currently limited to local only, yes. We're hard at work on online mode, but the other players can locally connect via adding extra controllers. You can play with one keyboard and 3 controllers, or 4 controllers. c:

Glad that you like it so far!! :D
We have plans for it, so please rest assured it'll be in the game once we can make it work <3

In the meantime, we have the soundtrack up on all major streaming services (or on here if you'd like to directly support the compser!, and we'll hopefully be adding more songs this year <3

You can do things like Game Jams to get your feet under you, there's plenty of opportunities on here and folks would love to have some digital artists/modellers for their games. Give that a shot first and see if you find a team you'd like to be a part of :D

Excellent question!!

The project head, Anthony Cloudy, has previously worked in the games industry before; they'd gotten their bachelor's in computer science, and their master's in game programming. After a bunch of different projects (game jams are a great way to get started!) and a good amount of experience, he decided to start building his own company to have more creative control. The team overall is made up about half and half of folks who have worked in the industry previously, and half who are incredibly talented, but haven't been able to have a shot on a professional game yet. This gives us a great blend of both experience and fresh ideas!

The game was started after Cloudy had started and "failed" a couple of side projects, slowly getting him back into working on Unity. As a result of these experiences, he had a better idea of what went wrong, and was able to leverage the pieces that didn't work before and get a head start building something new.  These mistakes, setbacks, and really rough tribulations are what started Dragon Drop; each time you scrape your knees you learn a little something more, and that wisdom gained from your mistakes will help you grow into your best self.

Let us know if you'd like to ask something more specific, especially in regards to a specific track in game development (art, programming, design, etc.!)

Super happy to hear that, please let us know what you think!! <333

This is really cute, great work on the shader!! <3

Please don't worry, we're already aware of the situation! c:
These are very different games, and we aren't using the name Dragon Drop as a pun for "drag and drop". I wouldn't count us out of losing the google wars, even if we're not the first result yet.

We want to be on there! I started the process a long while ago, but I need to pick it up again and reach out to Nintendo once more. Please stay tuned, we'd love to if we can make it happen c:

We're so glad to hear that, thank YOU so much for playing and enjoying the game!!! :D
We can absolutely look into it and see how viable it'd be to build for, would love to make it work if we have the bandwidth to do so! <3
Feel free to shoot us your hardware specs as well, and any other information that you think might help our investigation. :D
Thanks so much for the opportunity, we'd love to be a part of this! <3

Excellent question!

So we're currently in alpha right now, so we've got our core gameplay loop but we're a little content light as we work out the unlockables system and getting Networked Multiplayer in. However, we have plans for a Story Mode that we'd like to achieve someday, and if not, we'd at least like to make some sort of single player content similar to how Smash Bros handles it. For the time being, you can play against the computers, and once we're done with the next update, there'll be an unlockable progression system that is single and multiplayer friendly :)

Also, we're open to hearing more suggestions on what would make it a more enriching single player experience for you, please let us know! :D

Thank you so much!!! We've been really hard at work on the game for a year, I'm so glad you can see all the love and care we put into it!! <3

Howdy all! I've been hard at work for the past year on making my first self-published game, Dragon Drop!

Dragon Drop is a frantic couch-multiplayer game where all dragons must drop! By breathing fire, you destroy a line of blocks on the stage temporarily. Try to drop your friends off the stage without getting dropped yourself! Don't just take my word for it though, please check out some gameplay for yourself in our Trailer:

Today marks the 1st anniversary of development for the game. One year ago today, I opened up the project file and started coding! Thanks to an incredibly talented team, we've been able to make the start of something I hope is really special and captures the feel of Y2K era party games from the N64 and Gamecube. I greatly appreciate your time, and I hope that you enjoy playing the game as much as I have had making it <3