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Many thanks to you for being so dedicated to create a walkthrough for my little game :D

A couple of remarks on the walkthrough:

Level 19 was solved in a different way than the one I envisioned, but that's an ok way to do it too.

Levels from 32 to 35 were also solved in different ways than the one I envisioned, and apart from level 33 (for which that way of solving it was still ok) for these levels the solution was easier than the intended one... especially for level 35 as you could probably understand.

Now these ways of solving levels are ok, you basically beat the developer (me) at its own game, which I think is the ultimate goal for puzzle games.

But now the developer (still me) will need to defend himself by releasing an update to patch the unintended solutions on the levels that are supposed to be the hardest ones of the game :P

By the way there are still some things left to be found for the other players for a 100% completion (and more) of the game.

First of all there are 3 missing hidden flowers in the last 9 levels that still need to be found.

Then there is also a super secret easter egg level that you can get to by receiving a hint from a seemingly unreachable bird in a certain level...

But anyways, thank you for playing and for recording :D

In the browser version of the game, you cannot save your progress.

In the downloadable version of the game, the actual game, you can.

Save works if you download the game, as written in the game description.

The browser version of the game is supposed to be a demo of the downloadable version, where you can in fact save your progress.

Sad to hear that, and sad to see your negative review too...

The hints are supposed to tell you how to position your character and the other elements of the level to get closer to the end goal or tell you if you are on the right track with your solution, while still leaving room for the challenge of figuring out how to complete each level yourself.

I do know after the first 20 levels the game gets pretty challenging, and hints should ease the completion of the harder levels, but this is still supposed to be a challenging puzzle game in its core, even with hints that make the game slightly easier.

Sorry to hear the challenging aspect of the game is not for you, hope you still had some fun solving the first levels :)

Very fun game!

I think the game would benefit from adding a button that, if held down, speeds up the game to 2x, as sometimes, especially at start, the game feels a bit slow, and sometimes you are just waiting for your snake  to keep moving forward and finally reach a certain circle or square on screen.

Also, I think changing the game's step-based movement to a more "continuous" movement, meaning you see the snake slowly moving from a tile to another instead of seeing it snapping onto it, would make the controls feel more responsive (sometimes I find it difficult to turn exactly where I want to).

Other than those minor fixes, the game is already pretty fun to play, adding some more powerup types and variety would make it even better :D

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Very nice!

Love the concept of choosing the next obstacles instead of a powerup like in most "survivor" games :D

Thank you for playing :D 

For the level you got stuck on (level 07) you can try squishing down to go through the gap at the center of the level, under the spikes :)


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Thank you, glad you liked it :)

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Nice game, looks very good, but I got stuck on what I think is only the first level (I have no cannon, don't know what to do)...

I think the game would benefit from having a pointer or something at the center of the screen to let you know what you are pointing to and what you can pick up (maybe it could have an animation, change color or something when you are pointong to a box for example).

Also, I believe you should remove the shadow cast from your capsule character (it does look pretty weird tbh), maybe you could replace it with a siple circle shadow cast on the ground.

Last thing, the footsteps suond seem a bit off, I would suggest to either remove it or slow it down.

Ultimately, the game looks very nice and also feels very nice to play, good job :D

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Nice concept!

I liked the game feel and gameplay too, I really think you should add coyote time to jumps tough cause sometimes I lose my double jump when I surpass the edge of the platforms.

At a certain point I got stuck on the ground (for holding the artifact for too long), and had to restart the game though, maybe you could restart it automatically when something like this happens.

Anyways, the game was nice, also with nice graphics and sound effects, good job on this :D

I didn't play the game myself, so I won't leave a rating (I have to rate UX too, but I can't).

I'll leav you some suggestions after watching the video though.

A 650mb game for the content I saw is actually pretty high, I think you should look into the files added in your build as I believe you can optimize it a lot, like reducing the amount of vertices of 3d models to make them less heavy, reduce the size of textures, reduce the size of music and sound effects (i.e. compress them as much as possible), etc...

I also saw the solutions to the various level are pretty hard to think about imo, you could still leave those levels in but I believe you should make the player start from easier levels, with easier puzzles, preferrably with less elements on the scren to interact with so that you don't have a pretty much infinite numebr of options to choose from to get to the solution. Plus the mechanics of the levels I saw seem very complex, I think you should consider introducing to those mechanics in a safer and more graspable way instead of letting the player discover those by accident before they could solve the level.

Finally, I see you rely heavily on post processing effects, they look cool obviously, but make the game lag a lot (I saw some other players pointing out lag, and its an UE5 game therefore it is already pretty laggy by default).

Game looked nice though, and I especially liked the level's concept and final cutscene, they were funny.

Good job, keep it on :D

Nice, nice and satisfying sound effects too, but idk if you made those.

Also, I liked the atmosphere, maybe you could also add some footstep sounds with some echo to make it even more moody.

I didn't really understand why if in mid air you press left or right after propelling with your gun, you get reset to the movement speed you have while on the ground instead of continuing to go at the same speed you have while in mid air... I believe that's because you set your character's speed to the  fixed movement speed when you press left and right in your game's code, but I think you should either disable air control after propelling with your gun or at least let me go at the same speed.

I couldn't get very far in the game cause I got stuck without being able to reach a high up platform at some point, but I still enjoyed the game, good job :D

Nice game! 

I saw you imported sprites, but you made the music yourself, and it's very nice!

A quick suggestions would be to make the player stop when hit, since you can keep moving after getting hit for a few seconds, but then the level will restart anyways.

Also, you should really make the spikes be more visible, they are hard to see, especially considering that they are the same color of the background. You could either change their sprite or maybe animate them so that they stand out more.

Game was rellay nice overall, good job :D

Thank you!

Yeah that was a mechanic I had to put in the game for better puzzle design (so that you have to think before squishing down in certain levels, since the only 2 things you can do after squishing is jumping or get squashed by a narrow passage if you release inside one).

I agree it might feel a little bit odd to see your cube die this way though...

Anywys, thank you again for the feedback, and for playing :D

Thank you, glad you liked it :D

No problem, keep improving the gama, I really think it has lots of potential :D

Thank you very much!

Thank you for the review! I did try to make each level a challenge, especially the ones later on, and introduce you to new concepts while you progress in the game, so your review means a lot to me :)

I checked out your jam, and I love the concept, an arcade game would be perfect for a jam, even a shorter one, like a 1 week jam.

I also checked out the prizes and I were surprised by their value, good job putting that together.

Ultimately, I also joined the jam, but to be honest, I don't think I'll have the time to craft a well designed and fun game in that specific period of the year... I'll try my best though, good job again on it to all of you guys :D

Thank you!

Geometry Dash was not really an inspiration, but I did play it for a long time until a few years ago (I was actually a fairly known creator, with various featured levels and a couple of epic ratings too, also had a couple of levels with 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 million downloads).

But again, thank you for playing and reviewing :D


Oh, thank you for all the suggestions and resources!

I did know about some of them, but the majority were new for me, so thank you, I'll look them up as soon as I can :D

Thank you very much for the feedback and for the kind words!

For the death under the narrow tunnels, like for any other mechanic in the game actually, I went for a "discover it yourself" approach, meaning once you know you die under a certain tunnel, then you are likely not going to try it again (unless you misclick of course). I could't find a better way of communicating that, but I tried to make the player discover that as soon as possible with early levels, so you don't end discovering it later on and lose progress on a more complex level like the ones in the second half of the game.

Unfortunately, I tried to download and play your game to provide some feedback, but got stuck on the car selection screen sicne I don't have someone to play with at the momennt...

The graphics and polish, for what I could see, are very nice though :D

Nice game, but it was very hard to play.

Good job, especially considering this is your first game jam game :D

Nice game, very hard though!

I have no idea what I just played... but nice :)

Good game, gameplay didn't feel bad after you grasp some concepts, despite the fact that controls are inverted and some mechanics are really counter intuitive.

You can also find more feedback on the game's page.

Good job on it :D

Very nice! I left some suggestions in the game's page :D

Very nice game! Cool concept, maybe inspired by the mobile game "Smash Hit"? 

I would suggest adding some "fog", which doesn't mean actual fog but making objects appear gradually on screen, fading in, instead of just appearing suddenly and then only some seconds later becoming breakable with your spaceship's bullet.

The game looks very nice, could be cool as a roguelike too, or an "endless runner" type game, with randomly generated or infinite levels.

Keep improving the game, it could come out as a very cool game :D

Nice concept, left you a comment on the game's page.

Good job on it :D

Nice game, nice concept, I saw the change of perpescive mechanic pulled off a couple of times for other games here and there, but I don't recall having played a 2D/3D change of view for the game.

While the concept is cool, the game still needs some polishing, for example sometimes I am unable to jump (pressing space bar has no effect) and some other times I get stuk into platforms due to the view/perspective change.

Navigating the 3D scene also feels hard, and lacks a clear way of figuring out the depth of the level: I'd suggest making the camera move a little bit with the payer, i.e. also rotating to look at the player.

Also, adding shadows would help a lot figuring out the 3D layout of the scene.

The game is cool, it could benefit from some game feel adjustments (sounds, particles, animations, ecc...).

Good job :D

Good! The arrows probably work because you probably used Unity's GetAxis() functions (legacy input system) or the new input system (in this case, a controller might even let you move the character left and right).

Nice games, left you a comment in the game's page with some more feedback :D