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Hi Norvell84, thank you for staying still around. I have almost improved everything. Still not able to publish a new version, a ton of pending work. Unfortunately I cannot do streams now but I keep sharing the progress in the discord channel. I hope I start soon publishing progress more actively, lately I lack of time.

Hello Merii,mao, thank you for trying my game. Collecting stones and wood is not a quest, it's just a way to gather resources so you can sell them later and obtain some coins. You don't need any tool for that, it's just the first way to earn some money and you can do it at any time. As some villagers commented, like Robert Joplin (first villager you meet in game), just walk around on forests or green areas to find them on the floor. There is a side quest about collecting stones, wood and water requested by Agnes Forrester. Ask her also where to find stones or wood.

Good luck!

Hello Sunjean, glad you like it. I keep working on the game every single day, but I have changed the global lightning and the game is broken visually so I cannot publish any new version until I finish retexturing the whole game. I'm trying to improve the overall quality of the game and I'm afraid that I will not be able to publish any new update soon.

The current alpha is just a testing version and I think was long enough to understand more or less how the final gameplay will be, the final game will be much longer. Still a ton to improve, I'm aware of it.

Thank you for play my game. Cheers.

Hi Tenchfroast, glad you like it the game. Of course, there is a lot to improve but I'm working on it. Thank you for your feedback. About the stamina it's just restored when you stop running, I think it's restored pretty fast, but not over your overall tiredness, so to have full stamina bar you must sleep or rest on benches. When you have full tiredness bar you will have full stamina bar. If you have any other question, just let me know. Cheers.

Hello norvell84, thank you for trying my game and thank you for your kind words. I'm working on much more realistic grass, new areas and redoing all the plants and flowers as 3D models and not just planes as they are right now. Sorry to hear you had issues with saved games. Send me the saved game and I will try to find what the problem is. Contact me via email, discord, twitch or any other way of contact that you can find in the web of the game.

Thank you Jetcutter! Happy to see you still around.

I hope it's helping people to not give up :)

Thank you! Just found an issue that was blocking some people so I needed to make a new build just fixing this, I didn't have time to add nothing interesting on this build (except document guide) but more things are on the way for the next build. Thank you for your support.

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If you stuck at any point in the game, I have created a document guide  with all the info on how to complete this. Please read the doc before post in the forum.

Hi ScotsRon, thanks to your report,  I have found that sometimes, unfortunately,  due to level layers order, the door is not open. I have fixed it already and I will try to push a new build today. I'm really sorry for all the inconveniences.

I don't have any buy from the user "ScotsRon", maybe did you buy it not being logged? You should have received an email from my donensbourgh email account. Write me back with the same email you bought the game, just to confirm it, otherwise I'm afraid I didn't receive any money from you.

About Matilda, just ask her about fishing and the door will be automatically open, just go to the manor area and the door should be open (if it's morning). In case it's not happening, just restart the game, maybe something is not working as expected....

Hi ScotRon, thank you for try the game. I'm afraid you didn't buy anything, just downloaded the game for free, which is perfectly fine. You need to talk with Matilda, the same as the axe quest, and ask about what you need for fishing. Then, as she said, Beatrice is working only during the mornings, so you need to go to the Cavendish area during mornings, otherwise the door is closed, you cannot open yourself. The different names are because one is the manor area, and the surname of the manor of the town is Cavendish. On the other hand, Beatrice Stewards is just working in the manor area for the manor family, so nothing related about surnames :)

Good luck!

Sorry to hear that, just close the game and start a new one.

Hi PhoenixBlade666, thank you for trying my game. You are missing some sequence dialogs, I mean, you need first talk with some people to know about things, just walk random in the map is not helping, you cannot ask to someone for something that you don't know yet. Probably you are doing a second round of the game. Some hints:

- To ask Richard for the seeds, you need to talk first with Thomas Miller.

- To open the manor area needs to talk with Matilda, also, keep in mind that, as noted on encyclopaedia and Matilda said, the manor area is only open during mornings. Organise your time to be there during mornings.

- For the bucket you need to talk with Cecily, follow some sequence dialogs until someone tells you to talk with Cecily.

Let me know if the hints helps you to progress in the game. Cheers.

P.S. Could be, for some unknown reason, that the game is not working properly, try to save the game, restart the game and load again the saved file.

Hi asmageddon, thak you for try my game. And thank you also for your feedback. You probably didn't read any of the dialogs, didn't even check the encyclopaedia and didn't even try to complete a single quest. It's ok, not everyone likes this game or even this kind of games. The current alpha, not a finished game, has 15 quests and around 3-4h of gameplay. If you are looking for a farming simulator or another lol clone in medieval style, you probably missed the description of the game.

But as I said, thank you for your feedback, I will try to improve the game to make more interesting going to another parts of the map and also making clear what is needed to do even for people that refuses to read a single line in the game.

Have a nice day, cheers.

I like to watch the whole gameplays, it helps me a lot to understand how people play it and what they expect at the time. More than welcome in discord, I try to share as much as I can of the development. Cheers!

Thank you for the kind words, enjoyed your short gameplay, still a ton of things to discover for you in the game. The current state of the game is far from perfect so let me know if you have any issue or need any hint. Thank you very much for your support.

Thank you for your nice words. I'm glad you enjoyed it, even being a rough alpha version still. Have a nice day.

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Hi Myselin, thank you for try my game.

You can find a torch in the chest at your home. Robert Joplin commented about the torch if you talked with him already (first NPC you find in the game, who provides the key of your home).

To burn the torch just press T, it's noted on the controls in the main menu, in the readme file and also in the description of the torch in the items section of the encyclopaedia. Use T also to toggle the torch at any time.

Let me know if you have any other issue. Cheers.

Really happy that you like it. I hope you enjoyed the alpha and the final game, when released, is what you expect from this kind of games.
Thank you very much for your kind words and your long term support.

It's an issue with load and saves games I guess, I hope it' s fixed in the new build, I have refactored almost the whole game. Anyway, thank you for report any issue you found.

About locations, I want to add another town, quarry, blacksmith, abbey, small castle and big castle but I would like the story is progressing between locations and not needing all the areas at the same time. We'll see what I'm implementing finally, and again thank you for your feedback about this subject too.

About framerate performance, did you try full screen without any recorder software running at the same time? You should reach much higher framerate, even people without GPU can play it so you should have higher framerate. Be sure also the game is using your GPU and not your integrated GPU. Force the game to use the GPU if needed.

The day for the final release is far but any feedback is more than welcome and it will make the game better. If you are interested in the development, you can check the YouTube channel where I uploaded more than 1000h of live development: doing models, shaders, textures, code, UI, sounds, ... I did everything that you see in the game.

Thank you for your interest in the game and for your kind words.


Muchas gracias por los ánimos y muchas gracias por tu interés en el juego. Saludos.

Hello Howard,

thank you for trying my game. Unfortunately there are some issues in the game, it's expected being an alpha version, Just try to save and load again the game, some issues are solved just restarting the game.

About the map, not planning to add a map at the moment, just need to improve the introduction of the game being more organic and also add more actions, npcs and things to do in the map. Having a map will kill completely the exploration. Maybe some kind of discovered areas that you have already visited, but we'll see what I implement finally. The map is tiny, compared with almost any game, the buildings are not repeated nor being modular so is not so hard to recognise areas.

I'm watching already your gameplay videos, unfortunately I don't understand German so I cannot take advantage of your comments, anyway is valuable info to see how people play the game. About your framerate, I'm afraid you don't have even a GPU in your computer and you are using your integrated intel gpu, otherwise, the framerate is extremely low, any average gpu reaches 60fps in full hd.

Thank you for posting the videos and I hope reloading the game solves your problem and allows you to continue. I will try to publish a new build soon that maybe can solve such kind of issues.


Hola repixpix, ¿te has atascado en algún punto? Dime dónde por si puedo ayudarte. Si te refieres al juego final, estoy trabajando duro para poder tener más parte del juego desarrollado, pero haciendo yo solo todo no va lo rápido que me gustaría. Espero que hayas disfrutado jugando esta alfa y no hayas encontrado demasiados errores. Gracias por probar mi juego. Saludos!

Sometimes, "broken" saved game keeps you throwing a lot of issues in the current game, just reloading sometimes solves it, other times, just restart the game and you will not find any issue during the gameplay. I hope next version improve it and less and less bugs are happening. Sorry for that.

Just take your time to read all the dialogs, check also encyclopedia where you can read again about any NPC again or read the short description for each quest, all the info is there, just read before start running to nowhere. Good luck!

Gilbert is the owner, just you need to pay him to collect the onions. Do you have the money to pay him? Do you have the tool needed? Did you pay him already? Then go there are harvest the onions.