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In its current state, the game is basically a glorified walking simulator and a series of fetch quests.

A topic by asmageddon created 84 days ago Views: 17 Replies: 2
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Not to mention the walking is done across atrocious distances, wasting quite a lot of time.

Sure, the game is pretty, but some gameplay would be nice. I don't understand the goal of this project.

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Hi asmageddon, thak you for try my game. And thank you also for your feedback. You probably didn't read any of the dialogs, didn't even check the encyclopaedia and didn't even try to complete a single quest. It's ok, not everyone likes this game or even this kind of games. The current alpha, not a finished game, has 15 quests and around 3-4h of gameplay. If you are looking for a farming simulator or another lol clone in medieval style, you probably missed the description of the game.

But as I said, thank you for your feedback, I will try to improve the game to make more interesting going to another parts of the map and also making clear what is needed to do even for people that refuses to read a single line in the game.

Have a nice day, cheers.

I have in fact skimmed through the encyclopedia, and read the dialogue. I've completed several quests, but fact remains that games are games because they are built upon gameplay. They can center around a story, sure, but you do need at least barebones mechanics to draw the players in.

If there's no player choice/agency involved, the dialogue and quests really aren't much more than padding. Perhaps if they told a story, but they're really not up to that level.

Also, that 3-4h of gameplay becomes 20m of gameplay if you use a speedhack to skip the walking, since that's what most of the game consists of.

Sorry for kind of being a really critical asshole, btw. But the art is really good, and your setting while perhaps not fascinating, is unusual, and it would be a shame to see nothing come out of your hard work.