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A topic by tenchfroast created Nov 18, 2019 Views: 108 Replies: 2
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Hey! I love the look of this and I've been playing for a bit but I'm curious why you added stamina? There's no combat and at least with this demo, it's just a bunch of fetch quests where you have to go all over the map looking for this person or thing. It takes a really long time at walking speed which removes the fun of it for me so I was about to quit the demo after a few minutes. The only reason I kept playing was that I discovered I can run, so having stamina deplete takes away from it. Otherwise, the game looks great and I wish you the best of luck with the full version!


Hi Tenchfroast, glad you like it the game. Of course, there is a lot to improve but I'm working on it. Thank you for your feedback. About the stamina it's just restored when you stop running, I think it's restored pretty fast, but not over your overall tiredness, so to have full stamina bar you must sleep or rest on benches. When you have full tiredness bar you will have full stamina bar. If you have any other question, just let me know. Cheers.

Thanks! And good luck with your future updates!