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Wonderful game again, guys! As usual, the art style is fantastic and well suited to the tone. I really like the world building so far. It was sparse but kept me engaged, not too much reliance on notes, leaning into exploration and environmental exposition instead. Looking forward to what's to come!

My main issue, which could just be me, is the game was way too dark and with not enough contrast between the shadows and light, making a lot of the details muddy. The dialogue text in particular appeared almost faded and washed out, making it difficult to read.

So I hope to see a little more balance in those levels so the whole style can really pop and things are clear. Also possibly better visual cues to when you're going to be spotted or when the darkness is going to take over since sometimes I wasn't sure. Beyond that, it's shaping up great and I'm excited for the full release. Good luck with development!

Haha! No Problem. It was still a cute game and a great job, especially for the time you had! Take care!

No problem. Hopefully something will make it easier for you devs that have large files since you usually have great games worth playing!

Hey there! I recommend trying to get your game uploaded directly to itch if possible so people can easily manage and install it with the client, though I don't remember what the requirements are for that or if you can do that with such a large file. Having to download files externally can sometimes put users off from trying your game. 

This was a treat! I've never played a game like this where rhythm is mixed with visual novel style choice based mechanics. It was so unique and fun. I only wish you had a "slow" mode that would allow more time to read and answer so I can appreciate the story you wrote. It was very well done with lots of character. Lovely artwork too! I played yours around 22:22. 

This was a really cool entry. The gameplay was smooth and the controls were polished. Enjoyed the pixel art and could definitely see this being a bigger story-based game! My only issue was not having any idea what I needed to do to escape but it was still fun! I I played yours around 32:13. Good luck with future submissions!

Wonderfully polished game! It's tricky to balance games like this and you did a great job. Loved the message and the play on the theme. The art style was lovely along with the color palette. The only problem was at one point after zooming in, the game wouldn't let me zoom back out and I had to restart. Other than that, it was a blast. I played yours around 12:58. Good luck with future submissions!

Had fun with this game! It was a neat little concept with just enough style to keep me engaged along with this ominous feeling that watering the plant might not be a good idea. Normally I hate games where I have to collect things. My only issue was the controls but for the jam, really great job. Played yours first at around 0:43. Good luck on future projects!

irori community · Replied to zmcn in Love it!

Aww, well I'm glad you loved what you were able to do with it. Good luck with anything else you do down the road!

Great start to what I can already tell will be a fantastic game! I first thought it must have been made by the same devs who made Broken Puppet ( solely because of the needle mechanic, but I love that you've designed the needle to work with fabric to build bridges, etc. I look forward to all the ways you're going to play with that mechanic throughout the game and how it all weaves into the story, pun intended. Good luck with development and much success to the full release!

Tiny Bunny community · Created a new topic So enjoyable!

I just wanted to stop by and mention that I chose your visual novel as one of the horror picks for my read aloud series and I'm truly enjoying it so far! I was drawn in by the artwork, it's so expressive, and the writing is great as well. Can't wait to continue! The only issue I've had so far is some grammatical/spelling issues here and there but that's an easy enough thing to go back and gradually fix, so it doesn't take away from the quality of the story. Really good job here!

I didn't include a full playthrough of this in my latest jam video, only footage in the intro, but I wanted to commend you for doing such a wonderful job with the atmosphere and polish of this game. Many indies try to nail that palpable lost in the woods vibe and fail. Yours didn't. Smooth controls, gorgeously minimal sound design, quality over quantity. Really great work here. I look forward to seeing more from you!

This is a precious concept! I didn't expect it to go where it did, which made it even better, but the simplicity of this mechanic and how it actually got me invested with so little dialogue is worthy of praise. Would love to see better lighting and more contrast in the shades of gray so I can more easily identify different characters. Well done! I played around 10:33.

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Such a wonderful game! Tons of credit for choosing an underwater theme and letting something as minimal as a ping and a hud tell the story for you. The atmosphere was fantastic, color, the sound design, all top notch. Extra for something started in a jam. Loved the ending! The one issue I had was the controls. Turning especially was bad, so I used both the keyboard and controller. Otherwise, kudos for this. I played at around 20:48!

Really had a good time with this! You nailed the atmosphere and I'm so glad you made effective use of the mist and how it obscures vision, also peppering interesting things throughout that encouraged looking and exploring. Loved that you were able to make a relatively small space still feel like a vast empty expanse.  Not sure what to make of the different endings being tied to collecting but I know there isn't a lot of time for these. Genuinely good job and good luck with future games! I played around 45:21.

I really love your aesthetic and your take on perspective. The way you play with observation and voyeurism, peeking into others and ourselves. There wasn't a ton here but the bit you had was very effective. Good luck with the full game because I think you'll end up with something genuinely fresh and intriguing rather than something trying to be mature for shock value. Oh, I played yours around 45:21!

Interesting game!It's the last I played at 51:04. At first, I thought it was going to be one of those games where the dev just says random shit that's supposed to be edgy, but there's no substance. I was pleasantly surprised that the small addition of losing pieces and where you end up along with the title actually made me think about possible meanings behind it, which was cool. Good job and good luck on future games!

Really enjoyed your game! It's the first one I played. I don't remember seeing an indie game with a sled before and it controlled so smoothly. Really good job with the feel and animations for that. Also enjoyed the minimal way you told the story, even if I wasn't 100% sure what was going on lol Good luck with your future games!

Cute game and nice concept for the jam! I tried the Xbox One controller and it didn't respond at all so I used the keyboard, which was clunkier. Still a good job!

Really enjoyed this! You nailed the atmosphere, telling a story with the barest mechanics, wonderful use of sound and environment. Definitely looking forward to other parts of the anthology!


Only one bit of critical feedback, purely just a matter of taste, is that I would have ended the game when it said "hang XXXX". 

You created great tension mentioning having one thing left to do because entering that room, there was this creepy uncertainty of what you meant just beneath the surface of the horrible stuff we discover in there and the imagination could run wild.

So when it said the name, it was like an oh sh*t moment realizing what that "one thing" was. I thought the implications of that had more punch than what happened after. That other thing is overdone in moody indie games and doesn't really add anything except the guaranteed unversal response of "oh no...".

On the other hand, that punch would have been lost on anyone who was mindlessly skimming the notes and didn't even remember who that name referred to so maybe it's good something more straightforwardly dark went down later lol 

Either way, I elevated how you chose to end it in my mind by assuming the body you refer to in the title wasn't the one I was carrying but the one I became. Again, great job!

The name of the game -  A structure of unknown origin - reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode title. No need for the rest but points for atmosphere!

Besides whatever the heck went on with the car in the beginning (okay even that), nice work as usual! I always enjoy your take on these kinds of games that I'd otherwise hate. Nice to see you keeping at it! Good luck with your merch by the way! 

Thanks! Will check it out!

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Wonderful job! Everything is done well from the music and art to the programming. Had no issues and loved it right out of the gate! I'd enjoy a long form game like this with all the RPG sprite and story charm balanced with the dope music and beat mechanics, but it can easily get backed into a corner with nowhere else to go if drawn out, so it's perfect as is, short or not. Good luck with future projects!

irori community · Created a new topic Love it!

This is such a quaint and relaxing cooking game with a fantasy twist! I was going to say that I wish the characters could be closer and larger along with the text, but I see from the screenshot that there can be more than one character sitting at a time, so it makes sense now why the hearth stretches out so far. The dialogue bubble could still be much larger.

I don't know if the scenery in the background changes for new areas but the rain and blue color grading is such a nice touch for the start. I did have a little issue where a skewer turned invisible when I tried to cook it but things worked otherwise.  

I'm hoping the full game will have lots of ingredients that can be used that you get from each little story bit and character and getting the postcard to close out a character's chapter is perfect. Regardless, nice job on this so far! 

Really had a nice relaxing time playing this totally for myself and not at all for it to be a video so be prepared for that if you watch it lol I see there are a ton of additional features planned that sound great but I'd also love to see the hint system highlight a lot better, like a darker shade, and through walls if possible so you don't miss it if you're not facing the area. Great job and good luck with the finished product! 

You know I love all of your work, no exception here. This one was beautiful and the story, though short, left me with a fuzzy joy in my gut. You always manage to top yourself with your pixel art and the quality of the animations. Great job!

Love the quirk! It took me a second to realize what was going on but once I did, it was pretty fun. Good job!

Awesome! That definitely makes it easier for everyone to give it a go. Will take a look now!

I couldn't finish it and wasn't even sure if it was possible, but I loved all of the different ways everything shifted around.

Looking forward to checking this out. Are you not able to upload it directly to itch so it can be installed with the client rather than downloaded separately from a file?

Great to hear it! I look forward to checking out the updates!

Thanks for letting me know!

I'm in love with where this is going so far! The concept and the look of the world are what sold me. The sky train is the best! Would love to see more surreal elements to discover peppered throughout the world like the pirate ship and musical flower. 

I only tried the alpha and plan to play through more than what I recorded. I'll update my comment with any really specific issues that come up unless there's a way to access the beta. Then I'll play that through instead. 

For the bit I tried, the biggest standouts needing polish were camera control and sensitivity, general optimization, vehicle controls, cleaning up character/cat animations, and maybe reworking some of the key binding. Otherwise decent controller support is a plus. Also hope to see graphics settings soon. Everything else is just a matter of time. Really wonderful job so far. Looking forward to more!

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I'm hard on indie horror since so much of it is badly executed but I see potential here and I'm glad you got your funding! The only major issue I had was clicking on items. It was inconsistent and sometimes didn't seem to register, but I know it takes time to polish things. Also, I played a second time and the buried fire box didn't appear. Regardless, great job on what you've got so far and good luck with the finished product!

I love everything about this. The concept, the artwork, how it controls. I'd like to see an obvious indicator that the rope is ready to be climbed on since I fell a lot from trying to jump on a rope that he just wouldn't connect to yet.

My main issue is the same as everyone else's. I don't mind time trials but this is the kind of thing I'd rather be able to explore freely and leave speedruns as an optional challenge. 

If the whole point of the game is the time management aspect, though, then the time needs to be much longer or each artifact should add more to it or something. It doesn't feel balanced for the amount of time you get right now. 

I'll save the game in case there are updates down the road so I can show it off on my channel then. Regardless, really great job on this!

Love where this is going so far!

I didn't save my footage because of the performance issues and didn't finish the demo, but I wanted to toss in my feedback so far because I do love the dialogue and the aesthetic!

1) It isn't optimized for my older PC, so there was a ton of stuttering. The only time it was smooth was when I went to check the faxophone message. It ran like butter in that area, horribly in the house, middle of the road everywhere else. Looking forward to graphics settings!

2) The demo starts too abruptly. You could have Eric waking up to see the robot hovering over him, have Eric ask what he needs, then have the robot explain about the EPINs and messages.

3) Gamepad doesn't fully work. If you try to use it without setting controller in the menu first, you can't use the right toggle stick to turn. If you use it after setting controller in the menu, it still isn't able to select options, only inventory and menu. Would be great to have auto-detect of input type.

4) The robot keeps glitching out and bouncing back and forth all over the place. It didn't cause me any problems with making umbrellas, it was just a distracting bug.

5) When I restarted the demo, I physically started at the beginning again but the tasks and dialogue didn't reset, it was still waiting for me to do the same task I was on before.

7) The umbrella mechanic works well but some jumps need to be too precise since his distance is so weak. Maybe allow him to jump a little farther or higher.

8) He makes a sound when you jump but doesn't make a sound when he gets hurt from fall damage, which is inconsistent. You have great dialogue so I'm sure he or the robot can say something witty when he falls.

I know games take a ton of time to get right and polish, so I wish you the best of luck with what you've got here! It's really good bones and I hope the kickstarter campaign is successful!

Cool artwork!

Cute game! The voices are too low compared to the rest of the audio but really good job!

No problem!