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Haha, thanks! You did a really good job with the English so far. Off the top of my head, the sequence with the car accident, you spelled it as "break" instead of "brake". I'll take a look back at the demo and call anything else out here though.

Hey there. Just curious, are you not able to upload your game directly to itch?

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It's a shame, I installed this game way back when you first posted it and only played it recently. Really fun concept and style. I had a blast playing it even though it wasn't fully what you wanted it to be. It was lovely! 

Cute game with a sweet twist! I like that you put a positive spin on it and I'm sure tons of people can totally relate. Adorable artwork as well. Sometimes the best games do a lot with very little. Keep it up!

Really fantastic! The perfect blend of quirky humor, slice of life realism, and dark Faustian fun! I loved everything about this, from the dialogue and direction to the style. You should be proud of yourself for taking this on alone and I really do hope your kickstarter campaign goes well!

The only things I'd say to keep an eye on are typos and optimizing the game enough to cut load times for each area a bit shorter since some of the transitions run a little long and take away from the perfect pacing. Wonderful demo, looking forward to more!

Hey, just wanted to let you know I tried it and it did work to lower the quality, making the game more playable for me! It also made it look pretty bad, so I didn't record it BUT I did play it and I enjoyed it! Nice twist at the end, really like your work!

You're very welcome and thanks so much for stopping by to check out my channel! 

This ran pretty good on my old computer. I'm a sucker for anything meditative and loved the futuristic planetary environment. I didn't find much of anything I was supposed to beyond the hover pad. I just had fun rolling around and exploring. I'll likely enjoy it more with the gamepad so I can sit back and relax away from the desk. 

The graphics are lovely and the overall "level" design is great. Enjoyed the choice of music as well, it made the world feel more mysterious and ready to be explored. Cool atmosphere and a nice take on this genre. Added it to my bonus games!

Hey! Sorry it took me so long to check this out. I added it to my bonus games here but I think it's shaping up really nicely so far! Having an open world element was smart since most 3D puzzle games are just going from one closed room to another. 

I'd like to see more of that, something that gives the setting a story, like the crashed ship?  I haven't had time to get through much of it, though, so I'm not really in a position to give any quality feedback beyond the core mechanics, which are great. Will play more when I have more time. 

I generally love to see puzzles like these tie into the world rather than just exist in them, like each one helping to complete a task in the environment. Power something up, get water flowing to an area, etc.  So I'm curious to know what the hook is with this game as I continue with it!

There are a ton of games like this where it's a ball rolling around solving puzzles with pressure plates and platforms, etc. So I love the fact that you put a fun twist on it by giving it this kind of story and incorporating stealth into it. It's such a fun idea, being a sphere in a cube's world.

There were a few hiccups with cubes falling where they shouldn't and getting stuck, which happens when you have to push things around on a stage, but overall, this was really well done so I added it to my list of bonus games. Keep up the good work!

I loved this recreation so I featured it in my latest list. I checked out your site and you do wonderful environmental work with these scenes. I hope you get more recognition for it. Maybe hook up with tourism and travel agencies. Your scenes would get people excited about visiting new parts of the world! I'm interested in seeing how you transfer this kind of photorealistic work into more of a gameified setting if that ever ends up being a focus. Either way, keep doing what you're doing and good luck with any new projects you tackle down the line!

Hey! I'm not sure how the Steam demo I played compared to the one you have here but I loved what I saw of the game either way so I featured it. The time mechanics in the game are brilliant and it makes for a really intriguing kind of puzzle game. Love the pop-up book sort of style to the art as well and the way you use color. I'm sure the full game is a step up and above the demo, so I hope people continue to buy it and send you their positive feedback. Keep up the good work and good luck with future games!

Really a shame that this wasn't able to be finished, but I loved what you had so far so I featured it anyway. You should be proud of what you accomplished with the flight transformation, it really is the best part of the game, but everything else was just lovely. I do hope you all find a new home for your talent and for your ideas going forward. Maybe one day, the world you were trying to build will get revived. Good luck in this new phase of your careers and with all the unknown ahead!

Hey! You've got some good bones with this game so far. It's a bit rough around the edges with the pacing and voice work, and the enemies aren't as responsive as I'd like for combat to feel really frenetic and intense, but the underlying controls, story, and overall design are going in the right direction. 

I hope the tutorial will be better integrated into the game since I'm not sure where that location is compared to the forest the demo starts in. If it's just made up for the demo or if it's an area you can actually access in the world. Either way, I do like the variety of attacks. Keep tweaking, keep polishing, and you'll end up with some something great. Good luck!

This is such a wonderfully old school game with modern attention to detail. Great controls, love the overall design from the stages to the characters, enemies and animation. Couch co-op deserves some attention so I'm thrilled you kept it in mind. I didn't feature Unsung in full in my list since I didn't have more play time with it to talk about all of the features, weapons and abilities, etc. but I did use a little bit of footage. Good luck with all of your future updates and any new games down the line! 

I really liked this so I used some footage from it in my latest list! The animation style is obviously adorable, but I mainly liked the way you depicted things like the chocolate bars and cream. The whole concept is great!

I'm sure I missed some things and would like to have seen some more ingredients, though there aren't that many that would go with the theme. Cinnamon sticks? The only thing that took me out of it a bit was the moving platform since I didn't feel like I could aim my jumps reliably. Other than that, fun game for a jam and great job! 

This is such an addictive game! I love how simple and smooth the controls are and the incorporation of deck building is a really cool concept. Animations look great and the variety of attacks keep things fresh. Keep up the good work! I featured some footage from it in my latest list. 

Very sweet game with a lovely concept. Great job!

Really had fun with this game! I installed it fairly recently, but it may not have been the latest update, so there may be things I commented on that have been tweaked since I played. Either way, I love the artwork and the overall vibes of the game! 

I do hope there will be more buildings or ways to interact with them if you can implement it, like being able to customize tents the same way you can customize masks, or the villagers being able to physically sit at the eatery like they can on the benches and have food on the table. Also would love to see more inventory slots and animal varieties, like chickens.

Regardless, great job on the demo and good luck with the full game!

Really had a blast with this game! Fun concept, great mechanics, nice art style and setting. It played smoothly for me, didn't really have any stuttering, and I appreciate you adding a worry free mode even though I didn't use it. Good job, guys!

Aquamarine community · Created a new topic Download Files

Hey! Is there a reason the files can't be installed directly through the itch client? I looked for the files on the page to download directly and there's nothing to click.

Hey! I really liked the concept here with the changing environment. It isn't new, but the coin flipping mechanic adds a little something to it. Good job!

This looked promising! Unfortunately, it doesn't run well on my system and there weren't any settings I could launch to adjust, but what I got into looked lovely. Hopefully others with a better PC will come along and give it a shot, haha!

I so thoroughly enjoyed playing this. It's a shame it wasn't released in full because the concept here was very strong and the puzzles, while simple, were innovative and delightful. Keep up the good work, folks!

Wonderful work! There were some lockups after death, so I'm glad you included the ability to jump straight to different scenes, and there were a few things that could have been improved upon for readability's sake, like the color and shading of the text. 

But beyond that, this was pretty well polished. The controls were responsive with really satisfying feedback on collision, the animations were smooth, the maps weren't too large/repetitive, and the most important thing, the combat, stood out in an intuitive way. 

I knew what you were going for without having to read it and I appreciate that the few enemies presented here each felt a bit different. Good job and good luck out there in the gaming world!

Okay, will give it a shot at another time. I don't have any antivirus software running when I try to launch, only my capture software, but I'll see if it could be something else. Thanks!

Cool! I'll give it a shot, thanks!

Nice job! Loved the little trash bit at the end. It's sometimes hard to nail really short horror games, but I think you hit on a great concept very much in the spirit of old school anthologies that create a lot of dread in a quick sitting. Keep it up and good luck with the rest of your games! 

Wonderful job with this! I always enjoy these slice of life journey games and you pretty much nailed it. I really appreciated that there were some more dynamic elements, like stopping to talk, getting in the driver's seat, and a sense that I had some control over the way the conversations would go. Very nice touch with the camera. Overall, had fun. Keep up the good work and good luck with any future games!

Hey! I wanted to play the desktop version of this, but both files seem to launch up the webgl. Is there a way to switch it over?

Hey, just checking if there's anything going on with the Windows file? I tried launching and it just sticks there blinking rapidly on what I guess is the intro screen where Rusty Lake types out over the landscape. I can't get past that into the actual game. Reinstalling didn't help. Am I missing something?

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Really great job with this! Very simple concept with a great style and execution. There's a lot of humor packed into a tiny space too. Clever going from calm to chaotic when unexpected. It added to the fun. Keep up the good work!

Loved the intro sequence! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to run the game smoothly, so it was unplayable for me, but it's a fun idea and I'm sure it looks great when better optimized or running on a better PC. Good job!

Fun game but the cursor control needs adjusting. It's too easy to end up "clicking" out of the game. Love the look and feel otherwise!

This was a really cute game and a fresh use of typing to tie back to the difficulties of social interaction depending on your mood. Very simple but well done for the jam! Extra kudos on the song. It's addictive and I love it. Good luck on future projects! 

I really loved this! A perfect example of interesting gameplay with really simple execution. Fast, uncluttered, and a cool "tabletop" sort of experience that I was instantly into it. 

My only suggestion would be to tell players what the goal is visually in the game. I understand if you don't want to show the final location because revealing the map as you go is a part of the gameplay, but you could at least in the event screen have an icon of the castle or whatever it was that says something like "reach the throne to win" so players know what they're looking for on the map.

Really wonderful idea at any rate and definitely worth updating to add more events. Good job and good luck with it!

This was fun! The mechanics are simple but I love that you based it around this particular show episode. It's a perfect choice for this kind of game and it elevated the arrow use. The pixel art is also adorable and there's something very creepy about this version of the theme song that added to the whole thing for me. Great job!

This may have been very short, but it was beautifully done. I have a thing for that effect around the edges, it's a nice touch but only in games that look as good as yours did. Wonderful textures and lighting, a bit dark but most indie horror games are these days. 

The one thing I'd say is to maybe cut down the text in the beginning instead of them going back and forth so many times and enlarge the font if you can. Also have some audio underneath that leads into the part in the house instead of silence or something to give the text just as much atmosphere as you put into the rest of the game. Very good job and good luck with future projects!

I think you did a great job on this! The art style really fit and I like that you took the time to add so many elements including trade  and enemy attacks. It's  a lot to stuff in there and while there were a few hiccups, like the fact that I could keep selling items even if I didn't have any more of them to get infinite money, it was a real feat for a jam submission. Very good job and good luck on any games you make in the future! 

Absolutely had a blast with this game! The intro had some hiccups and could definitely use music, but the core game is fantastic. Great mechanic with the use of sound to light up the space, nice attention to detail with the animations and small additions like being able to knock out the lights. Very polished, had no issues with it. Keep up the great work!