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Hey, I didn't see it mentioned anywhere. Are you trying to bring this to Steam?

Thanks so much for the tip on other games and again, great job!

Oh thank you, I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! Really good job again and best of luck with more of your work down the line!

I played this in my latest video, timestamped in comments. I didn't have time to finish the entire thing for it so I may later on, but I wanted to compliment the music and artwork. Lovely work on both. Also enjoyed the subtle hints in the dialogue that something more was going on behind the scenes, like looking for something that someone might have burned to get rid of. It added intrigue to what would otherwise seem like a typical tame VN. Great job and good luck with your future projects!

I played this in my latest vid at around 53:50. I didn't have time to finish it then but will later. I love the overall aesthetic of this, the design of the world, and the subtle humor. Pitch perfect tone. It felt sweet and dark, like there's much more beneath the surface. A lot of character came across in it in spite of being so simple. Loved touches like the project moonshot on the downed rocket. The text in the dialogue boxes was a little small, especially in that font. I'd maybe increase the size. Otherwise, very good job!

I played this in my latest vid at around 31:05 (it's timestamped in comments). This was really phenomenal. Polished, satisfying, functional. I'd love to see a full version of this game ported to mobile. It was that good. 

The entire concept was so well executed, the interface and icons were very intuitive and appealing. The sound design and little visual cues like changes in color and sparks after traveling made it more immersive. The tutorial info was concise, the variety in controls, the inclusion of mining and hunting, I have not a single complaint. Not only was it instantly engaging, it's the kind of game that can aid in learning and development. 

The only thing I wasn't sure about was if there's anything that can be done for crew once they're injured and how modifying weapons/shield/etc with the lasers and such work together to affect the amount of damage you take and receive, but I was also too distracted by fun to really think about it on the fly. Question: Do military skulls represent how many ships you have to defeat? Anyway, wonderful job, really wish you'd ranked even higher. Much success to you on future games!

I played this in my latest jam video at around 18:40 (it's timestamped). It was so much fun! The music was great and the sound and animations for shooting, dashing and rolling were wonderful. It took a while to get used to the controls but that was before I realized shooting affected my direction too. Nice balance allowing us to stand or walk for more stability. I missed some of the intro because the game started playing before I looked at the screen but this was a blast. Great job!

I played this in my latest vid starting around 5:24 (timestamp is in the comments). It was hands down one of my favorite entries! The concept was great, including actual camera controls like aperture and temp was impressive, the picture prompts were clever, and I loved that each area had its own music and mood. There was an issue with falling out of the ship if I didn't press anything after confirming to return to space and camera sensitivity felt a bit high when taking pictures even after dropping it in settings. Other than that, very good job. Good luck on future projects!

Your game was the first up in my video! It was really charming play on the film. Loved the sound and character designs. It came together really well. Nice touch with the insert letting us aim at the moon. I don't know if there were supposed to be borders around the game where some of the assets stuck out or if that was just on my end and I would've liked the little guy to jump a tiny bit higher. Other than that, really nice work for a short game!

Hey! I used some footage from your game in my intro. The artwork is lovely, especially the characters. The game was a clever use of the theme. It played pretty well, no issues with the mechanics. The reflection of the beam on the water is a nice touch, also things like the lunar eclipse taking your power away. It'd be nice if the boat was a bit faster but overall great job!

Hey! I used some footage from your game in the intro of my latest jam video. I agree with comments that the character was a little floaty, but I liked the animations, especially when you attack with the sword, and being able to jump repeatedly to get somewhere if we missed with the grapple was a nice touch that helped a lot with getting around. Great job!

This is really addicting. Fast paced, love the animations, great job!

This is such a chill game. Love the music and the general concept. It'd be nice if there were a way to tell where stars would be though so we know which directions to try, unless there was and I missed it. Like light emanating form the side of the screen so you know to go that way? Still, good job!

Really wonderful job. So satisfying, a nice challenge, simple yet effective design all around. 

Really cool using the pinball mechanic to fit a theme like this. Great job!

A great example of doing a lot with a little. Perfect setup and delivery, great use of video game tropes against us at the start, totally stuck the landing. Good job!

Ah, thank you so much! The game is really cute and a neat idea, so I still had fun with it. The graphics issue didn't ruin it since I knew it was a problem with my decade old computer. It's just that no one has ever been able to tell me why it happens sometimes. Now I know, so much appreciated! I'm not at my PC but I think I have one of the older GTX 500 series.

Hey! I installed this game at some point but going back to my library now, clicking on it takes me to a page saying it requires a password to view. So I have no idea what the game is/was, can't load the game page to uninstall it or see the information for the person that posted it, and I'm not going to launch it. Is there another workaround for uninstalling since most of the games I install from the client don't show up in applications? Didn't even know things could be password protected on here let alone after it's already been installed. Thanks!

Any thoughts on why the game looks very blurry/pixelated when I play it to the point where text isn't even readable? I'm on an old Win 7 system. Same has happened with a couple of games before, always Unreal, but no one ever has an idea why or how to fix it. Thanks!

I'm sadly in the same boat. I really wanted to play this but the vehicle dances and flips all over the place even without pressing anything and is impossible to control since pushing any direction makes it zoom in that direction at the speed of light lol Since my computer is older, I'm just assuming the framerate is the issue. Great job with the game anyway!

Really neat game! Simple story, effective delivery. Love how items affect time and have different uses. Great job here! For minor issues, I found the text block way too small and hard to read. You have a lot of space to play with. The text areas can be larger without compromising the look. 

I'd also tweak the audio. Emilia is hard to hear. She's also quieter than Ganz when the person you're playing should be clearest. I'd bump it up to better match Ganz's level since his sounds the most balanced. 

The music drowns the voices out when it swells too, so maybe pull it back more after it climbs. Beyond that, the game played great. The intro was a little choppy but that's no biggy. Keep up the good work and good luck on future games!

Had a fun time playing this! Simple but the "horde" mechanic of needing a certain number to make it past obstacles made it more interesting. Good work!

Looking forward to a patch for resolution as well since I'm really curious to play this!

This is an adorable concept! Sadly, I didn't finish it since using a keyboard instead of controller for anything with this kind of platforming isn't my thing, but I appreciate what you did with the little story additions and environment. Nice job!

Wonderful game again, guys! As usual, the art style is fantastic and well suited to the tone. I really like the world building so far. It was sparse but kept me engaged, not too much reliance on notes, leaning into exploration and environmental exposition instead. Looking forward to what's to come!

My main issue, which could just be me, is the game was way too dark and with not enough contrast between the shadows and light, making a lot of the details muddy. The dialogue text in particular appeared almost faded and washed out, making it difficult to read.

So I hope to see a little more balance in those levels so the whole style can really pop and things are clear. Also possibly better visual cues to when you're going to be spotted or when the darkness is going to take over since sometimes I wasn't sure. Beyond that, it's shaping up great and I'm excited for the full release. Good luck with development!

Haha! No Problem. It was still a cute game and a great job, especially for the time you had! Take care!

This was a treat! I've never played a game like this where rhythm is mixed with visual novel style choice based mechanics. It was so unique and fun. I only wish you had a "slow" mode that would allow more time to read and answer so I can appreciate the story you wrote. It was very well done with lots of character. Lovely artwork too! I played yours around 22:22. 

This was a really cool entry. The gameplay was smooth and the controls were polished. Enjoyed the pixel art and could definitely see this being a bigger story-based game! My only issue was not having any idea what I needed to do to escape but it was still fun! I I played yours around 32:13. Good luck with future submissions!

Wonderfully polished game! It's tricky to balance games like this and you did a great job. Loved the message and the play on the theme. The art style was lovely along with the color palette. The only problem was at one point after zooming in, the game wouldn't let me zoom back out and I had to restart. Other than that, it was a blast. I played yours around 12:58. Good luck with future submissions!

Had fun with this game! It was a neat little concept with just enough style to keep me engaged along with this ominous feeling that watering the plant might not be a good idea. Normally I hate games where I have to collect things. My only issue was the controls but for the jam, really great job. Played yours first at around 0:43. Good luck on future projects!

irori community · Replied to zmcn in Love it!

Aww, well I'm glad you loved what you were able to do with it. Good luck with anything else you do down the road!

Great start to what I can already tell will be a fantastic game! I first thought it must have been made by the same devs who made Broken Puppet ( solely because of the needle mechanic, but I love that you've designed the needle to work with fabric to build bridges, etc. I look forward to all the ways you're going to play with that mechanic throughout the game and how it all weaves into the story, pun intended. Good luck with development and much success to the full release!

Tiny Bunny community · Created a new topic So enjoyable!

I just wanted to stop by and mention that I chose your visual novel as one of the horror picks for my read aloud series and I'm truly enjoying it so far! I was drawn in by the artwork, it's so expressive, and the writing is great as well. Can't wait to continue! The only issue I've had so far is some grammatical/spelling issues here and there but that's an easy enough thing to go back and gradually fix, so it doesn't take away from the quality of the story. Really good job here!

I didn't include a full playthrough of this in my latest jam video, only footage in the intro, but I wanted to commend you for doing such a wonderful job with the atmosphere and polish of this game. Many indies try to nail that palpable lost in the woods vibe and fail. Yours didn't. Smooth controls, gorgeously minimal sound design, quality over quantity. Really great work here. I look forward to seeing more from you!

This is a precious concept! I didn't expect it to go where it did, which made it even better, but the simplicity of this mechanic and how it actually got me invested with so little dialogue is worthy of praise. Would love to see better lighting and more contrast in the shades of gray so I can more easily identify different characters. Well done! I played around 10:33.

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Such a wonderful game! Tons of credit for choosing an underwater theme and letting something as minimal as a ping and a hud tell the story for you. The atmosphere was fantastic, color, the sound design, all top notch. Extra for something started in a jam. Loved the ending! The one issue I had was the controls. Turning especially was bad, so I used both the keyboard and controller. Otherwise, kudos for this. I played at around 20:48!

Really had a good time with this! You nailed the atmosphere and I'm so glad you made effective use of the mist and how it obscures vision, also peppering interesting things throughout that encouraged looking and exploring. Loved that you were able to make a relatively small space still feel like a vast empty expanse.  Not sure what to make of the different endings being tied to collecting but I know there isn't a lot of time for these. Genuinely good job and good luck with future games! I played around 45:21.