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It may not seem like it from my vid, but I'm definitely looking forward to the full game! I'm very picky about indie horror and there's a lot of potential here that the demo didn't fully tap into, so it's great that you have a more fleshed out explanation of the game's projected content here as well as a trailer that gives a glimpse of how expansive and atmospheric the finished product might be. You have a good head for use of lighting and sound, the game looks fantastic and plays well. Just be mindful of pacing and when less is more. Good luck!

Such a cute game!

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Good job, guys! Love this game! Glad I gave it a shot. Can't wait to jump into Beta 6 and get more in-depth with this gem! P.S. Congrats on being greenlit!

Hey there! I know there's a file upload limit for new accounts on here, but I believe support will increase that limit if you ask: https://itch.io/support Just putting that out there in case the size of your game is why you link to it rather than having a proper upload on itch that we can install and manage through our clients/library.

Simple game, but loved the execution of the concept. I added it to my list (at number 6) for some of the games I played recently. That's not a rank, just the order I edited them in. Good luck with any future projects. I always love games with a message!

I still had issues with characters freezing or not being able to progress, but this game really does have potential. I added it to my Toast Bites list (number 4). Glad you got funded. Looking forward to the finished product!

Created a new topic Added to my list!

Can't even begin to describe how much I enjoyed this game! Everything blended so well together. The controls were the most responsive without the "hold click" setting, but the mic input worked well overall. The music really puts the game over the edge. I added to my list here at number 3 (not a ranking, just a number). Good luck with future projects!

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Such a laidback, pretty game! I added it to my list here at number 2. I got stuck on one of the levels. Wasn't sure if it's because I was trying to match the object incorrectly or if it was just the controls being a bit finicky since it sometimes seemed like an object was totally covered by its color, yet still wasn't disappearing. It was very responsive for the most part, though. Good job!

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Absolutely loved this game! Put it at the top of my latest game list.

Yes! I saw that when I realized it was C to crouch. I was going crazy with it and must have hit everything but C lol Take care and good luck!

Created a new topic Definitely has potential

Work on the lighting and the scares and you've got something here! Good luck!

Fun game! Had some preference issues as far as the feel of the weapons, but the look of the game was great and it was a decent demo. I didn't have any issues with the controls on the kb and mouse though things were mapped to weird keys. The physics of throwing bombs was also a bit off as far as power and trajectory. Overall good job for a class project. Good luck with the rest of your studies and keep making games!

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I was totally wrong about what this game was about when I started it, but I ended up really liking it! It had a really unique feel to it as simple as it was. My only feedback is that the static became too intrusive in the audio along with the silences that broke up the flow of the game's awesome music. I'd maybe add the static once the player gets really close to failing the night instead of spreading it out that long. Keep it up and good luck with other jams!

This seemed like a great idea. Sad that it isn't going to be developed further and is limited to technology most people don't have, but I really do appreciate the effort. Keep doing what you're doing!

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Lovely game, great choice of music, nice touch with the subtle details on the bird, smooth controls. I played with the kb/mouse and didn't have any issues. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for pointing that out! I remembered there being a category for games in development, but I thought it was a general list for anything uploaded, not something tied to the actual search filters. I missed the other statuses when I was looking.

That's the one issue I was considering, having to rely on the developers to update the status. I do see many that update their game page to mention it, but some kind of integration with the reporting system would probably be best to keep it vetted by the community.

It would also be nice if the release status were displayed directly in the search results rather than on mouseover, but in a way that isn't intrusive, like in small font next to the genre or platform icons. I don't know how feasible that would be, though, or how many people would want that. Either way, thanks!

I'm going to guess this has been brought up before, but I don't know if there are any plans for it. I'd love to see game status added as a search filter. That way, developers can mark their game as "no longer in development" or "currently in development" and users can search for games according to that.

I love playing games on here and giving feedback, but when I'm looking for a game that's actually going somewhere, it can be annoying when it turns out that 80% of the cool ones I found aren't even being worked on anymore. It would save a lot of search time if I could filter those games out to begin with.

Love what you did with this game! I featured it on my list. I don't show it here, but I did play through to the ending and I didn't want to spoil it for anyone. I'll just say that I love how the ending ties in with the beginning and in general, the way you transition through what could be seen as different types of games.

I think it keeps players guessing about what they're actually in for until they get into it. Kudos on the game and keep up the good work!

Created a new topic Really like this game!

Definitely a few things that need to be tweaked, but good job so far.

Thanks so much for the update! I enjoyed the new additions so much, I recorded twice as long as I intended. Totally worth it to build my lantern pagoda! lol Pointed out a few kinks here and there, but nothing game breaking. Day-night cycle for the win!

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Needs polishing, but hey, what games don't when they're in development? I like where it's going so far. Cool concept, great visuals. Controls, crashing, collision detection, a few things that need tweaking, but it's on its way. Good luck!

Wonderful game! Always love browsing through jams to find gems like this one. Keep up the good work and good luck with any other projects you work on down the line!

I really liked this a lot! It would be awesome if you found someone to help out with creating a multiplayer mode. Would love to see more things added, but it's great as-is. Good luck with other projects!

  • Simple weather system
  • A bed and a day-night cycle
  • Make nets require more resources to make
  • Catch crabs or other seafood in the nets not just materials
  • A cloth canopy that can serve as a roof connected by two walls
  • Add a seagull that steals fish from the cooking station. Same mechanic as the shark where you can attack it to chase it away and eventually kill it.
  • Physical side effects to eating raw meat or drinking salt water like hallucination.
  • Atmospheric time-of-day events that are rare and dependent on how long you've survived so it feels like a fun "easter egg" for the player, like seeing a small ship in the distance at night and hearing its horn blow or seeing a whale jump out of the water during the day

Also, I don't know if it's possible, but I'd love it if we were still able to gather while the hammer is selected. Anyway, love the game! Simple but addictive!

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Absolute lovely game! A few issues with the controls and some tweaks could be made to the gameplay, but overall, it was an absolute pleasure to play and you have my thanks. Good luck with this game and any others you work on down the road. I look forward to seeing them!

Hey! Thanks for the response. I downloaded the Windows version nearly right after you posted the game and the file name was "thepolaroid_win", but I just noticed that the file up there now is called "thepolaroid_windows". I'm guessing you updated the files after I did the original download? I'll try the new one and see how it goes!

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Hey there! I'm having some issues and I'm not sure if it's the installation file or my pc (win 7 64bit) since everything else I've downloaded today played okay. 1) There's no sound at all 2) The "Where am I?" text showing in your screenshot here and the number that displays on each polaroid, neither show up in my game. 3) After successfully taking the first photo, when it says to left click to put the photo down so I can pick up another, nothing happens when I click. Any suggestions?

Awesome! It's a great game either way, but I look forward to the update!

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Loved this game so much I made a video. Thanks for developing it!