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Ooh, I didn't know I could! I'll try that!

Great game! I couldn't finish it after encountering what seemed to be a bug (or maybe just very bad luck) though I'm guessing I was near the end? Had a really fun time playing it either way. Pacing was a tad slow though I think the world you built made up for it since it was pretty to explore and helped pass the time between locations. Can't give you enough credit for the work that you managed to do here. Good luck with any other games you make down the road!

Such a lovely little game! Very polished for a six week project, simple mechanics but with a lot of impact to the story. Perfect world design, love the palette. Everyone did a great job on this. Good luck with future games! 

Fantastic game! Really looking forward to the episodes. Great job on the character design and the overall style. Love the song at the end of the demo. Be careful with typos and the pacing of the "reaction shots". Try not to overdo them. It kills the momentum in less than ideal places. Minor feedback. Congrats on what you've got so far. Keep it up! 

I get an "Error: spawn EACCES" dialogue every time I try to launch the game, so I haven't been able to play it. I installed through the client. Not sure what the issue is but I'll try again if you put out another update!

So I did this with it. This is a thing. 

Simple but effective! Not sure if what happened my second time was a bug or not, but I appreciate the concept either way. Good job!

Had a blast playing this! I love that the case is so layered even with such a simple and confined premise and that you presented it in a way that allows the player to analyze and interpret the environment on their own without holding their hand.

The drawing and dragging mechanics are by far the highlight. I'd love to see that kind of interactive gameplay expanded on. I also appreciate that you grade with stats at the end so players have an idea of how close they are and how much is left to find. It really encourages multiple playthroughs. 

Nice touch framing this as Watson solving his own case and having to report back to Sherlock for evaluation.  Very cool aesthetic to the game as well. Loved everything about it. My only criticism is to clean up the text as far as grammar/spelling etc. Overall, you guys did a wonderful job. Good luck with future games!

Wonderful job! You guys did a great job paying homage to the overall feel of the games that inspired this and it was very well done from the mechanics to the models and other assets for something made in a month. The controls are a bit iffy, but can be overlooked. Be careful not to take so much inspiration from prominent games beyond the tone and setting that your work comes across as a copy instead of a project with your own voice. I think adding the mirror mechanic here went a long way towards setting Echo apart from being a Little Nightmares clone. Thumbs up and good luck with your next game!

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Interesting game! I won't waste time repeating everything I said in the video but I echo the sentiments of other comments here. Lovely imagery, brilliant execution of a simple idea that lends itself very well to multiple endings, and I appreciate that you maintained tight focus on the concept and tone instead of tossing in random elements just because you could. Also liked the layout of the area. It called to mind a town emptied by the plague. Good job and good luck with future games!

Had fun with this one! Curious to see how you'd implement multiplayer, there may not be enough content to warrant it yet. But the game was well done, loved the sound design especially, and the simplicity of the core mechanics. Needing to repair the transmission to continue the countdown is a smart way to break up the monotony.

Shooting wasn't so great, but my main issue was how small the cameras were to click on. Also the responsiveness of the units since they would sometimes not go to the location unless I was clicking exactly on a precise spot. Would love to see a little more wiggle room with the clickable area. Tons that could be expanded here, but don't add too much. A part of its charm is that it isn't cluttered. Will probably go back and play it to see how it ends when you win since I didn't have time. Good job!

Really enjoyed this! Loved the design of the building and the pacing was great. It kept me interested in moving forward even without any obvious narrative. The puzzles were the highlight for me along with being chased by mannequins with fairly decent AI. Mannequins usually bore me.

Mainly only had two issues. Interacting with objects was problematic. I don't know if it's because I was in windowed mode instead of full but it wasn't as responsive and accurate clicking and dragging items and objects, which is important since the puzzles rely on that. 

Also, the lighting effects were lovely but that faded hazy film over everything was distracting and made everything look washed out and fuzzy. You spent so much time on details, I want to see them. Would really prefer visual clarity. 

Not usually a fan of atmospheric horror games that give you a gun farther in since it takes away the tension, but I think you balanced that well by having limited ammo with no counter and an increase in AI's aggression.

Encountered what seems like a bug near the end. The "person" just stops chasing me when moving the lion statues and is stuck in a loop of breaking through the door. Anyway, this was fun and well-executed with puzzles I really enjoyed. Kudos on getting this far in five weeks. Keep going and good luck on future projects! 

Really enjoyed the demo! It's such a unique approach to a horror game having item interaction affect the outcome in this way. Extra points for non-Western folklore. I'm very interested in seeing the end result! Very good job so far and good luck with your Kickstarter campaign!

My one gripe with the demo is having to hold and drag instead of just clicking to interact with things, but that's just my preference.

Also, when we interact with an item and it triggers dialogue, I'd love to be able to choose when to exit from the text. The subtitles disappear quickly and those of us who don't speak the language need time to read them since we won't know what's being said otherwise. Beyond that, nice work!

Just wanted to say that I liked the game a lot. I'm always into anything that's good for just sitting back and relaxing and this was simple enough not to be stressful while still engaging enough to not be boring. Well done!

This looks really promising. Wonderful aesthetic and a powerful groundwork for something rich and engaging as far as sims go. I was hoping to feature it on my channel but I unfortunaely couldn't play it for more than a few minutes as the icons and text are way too small for me and the game hurts my eyes. If you ever add an update where we can change the size of the hud elements, I'll definitely come back to it but good job so far!

This is really promising! You did a good job trying to capture the general feel of older horror titles and the design of the estate is remnant of that period. I really enjoy the candles being strategic sources of light and the story is fine.

The inclusion of another "character" to interact with periodically is smart (if you use him well). Indie horror has moved away from that but experiences where it's just you and enemies aren't necessarily scarier. 

Keeping in mind that you're just one person, there may be some things you don't have the resources to deal with yet, but my main issues with the demo were the combat, the low health filter over the screen, and the save mechanic not working properly.

Also, there's a serious lack of detail in the shadows, which I see in a lot of indie horror games. I don't know if it's a conscious choice or a technical limitation but I'd rather horror games be well lit so all details are visible except in areas that should be completely dark.

Try to rely on things like pacing, the shape of lighting, and sound design for atmosphere instead of everything just being hard to see. Dark games aren't scary. Selective use of darkness is scary and the darkness needs to make sense.

The pacing did drag in parts but you can capitalize a bit more on scripted events. The first appearance of the nurse was good. Wish you had zoomed in further so we could really get a good look at her.  

Overall this has potential and you should be proud of what you've accomplished so far. I had fun playing it! Keep it up and good luck with the rest of the game!

Just tried out the demo and I like where you're trying to go with this! I think  the real test will be what happens after the assistant is created to see how you balance adding an NPC to the mix so things don't start to feel busy or messy, like having too much dialogue or interruptions. I love the main character's voice, by the way!

My main feedback is to tighten up the interactive elements so clicking and other actions register more quickly and cleanly. Also to maybe add a zoom mechanic when picking up objects and documents to make them easier to read or examine if possible. 

I hope as the game progresses that things get more difficult and require more abstract thought, but keep in mind that the harder you screw gamers over by having the game end whenever they "violate protocol", the better the content of the game needs to be to make it worth jumping back into it and the more mindful the checkpoints should be. So far you're on the right track. Good luck with development!


Really had fun with this game! Such a unique use of voice activation and a really interesting tone to the whole journey you go through. Would love to see where else you can take these mechanics in the future. Great job!

Very cool point of inspiration. Love the way you handled it, hitting on only the most notable elements to help the player follow the story. Nice touch actually showing scenes from it for anyone who isn't familiar with the source material. Great job!

This was a really cute game! I don't come across a lot of split screen projects that are family and kid friendly so I wanted to highlight it as a bonus game in my list. I didn't experience any of the glitches some talked about so I don't know if I played a more updated version. Either way, good job on this one!

I've played quite a few games with this "sonar" mechanic, some that were small adventure games, most that were horror, and yours is hands down the most beautifully executed I've come across. A lot of games fall short in that they use sound in this way more as a gimmick and it detracts from proper storytelling and level design. You handled it well and the result was a game I couldn't put down. Love the atmosphere, the voice work, and the gorgeous expanding areas. I featured it as a bonus game in my latest list. Great job to all the students who contributed!

Hey! I featured your game in my latest list but I wanted to post here to reiterate how wonderful a concept it is from both a storytelling and gameplay mechanics standpoint. You utilize the two in a way that allows one to enhance the other to create a unique experience. Very well done! I haven't played anything like it. Love the minimalist approach to an isolated, uncharted environment that most games would need to show to have any impact. Keep up the good work and good luck with future games!

Very cool! Love the premise and the ambitious use of scale as the time limit. It was a ton of fun to play, great color choices, simple and clean environment to navigate with intuitive interaction. Great job on this!

Great use of your central mechanic, wonderful progression of the story while still keeping things fresh and the puzzles didn't overstay their welcome. Good job and good luck with any other games you make down the road!

Time for an Isar code party!

Not bad. I liked that it was short and you tried to keep things moving by not dragging out the length of the hallways or filling it with too many jump scares as well as by adding some interactive gameplay like the little code puzzle even though it wasn't difficult. 

I think the game's strength is changes in the environment, things appearing/disappearing when we face a certain direction, triggered events like the text on the wall, etc. So maybe focus more on the timing and polish of those kinds of things and keep it about the atmosphere. I'd cut out the monster all together since it kind of downgrades the game to something more hokey and doesn't fit, but that's just me.  Keep developing and improving and good luck with your next game!

Simple perfection. Well done!

Hey! I featured some footage from your game in the intro of my latest list. I've never been into curling, but your game actually made me enjoy it. I think it's  a combination of the art style and all the little attentions to detail like the cuckoo clock and the people in the stands. Really fun, definitely something relaxing I'd want to play online. Good job and good luck with any future games!

Hey! I featured footage from your game in the intro to my latest game list. If it was a bit longer, I definitely would have highlighted it more, but I absolutely loved it. Short, sweet, and colorful like me! lol Keep up the good work and keep thinking outside the box. Good luck!

I featured the game second in my list this month because I haven't loved a little indie game like this in a while. I hope you don't think my review is too harsh because the good so far outweighs the negatives. I don't know if you have any plans to keep working on it, but it's worth being expanded into a more fleshed out game and I don't say that about most of the game jam submissions I find. If you don't decide to do anything more with it, I'm at least glad you got it this far. Good luck with any future projects you're working on! 

Such a wonderful game! I think you nailed the level design and I adore the overall concept. My one gripe was the mouse sensitivity. It was way too low. I don't know if that was just my system, but it would have been nice to have an option to adjust it. Especially with look movement being so important. I also got stuck at one point around 28:05 and couldn't tell if it was a bug or not. Other than that, this was a perfect experience!


LOL ;)

Dooooo ittttt :P

Such an adorable game! It's got a great balance of platforming and rhythm elements and such a charming old school feel to the art style. Definitely headed in the right direction. Good luck with development!

Hey there! Just stopping by to say that I really loved the demo. I started a full playthrough of it, but the puzzles are so abstract and satisfying to solve that I ultimately decided not to give anything away in a video. Instead, I just mentioned the game in the "bonus" section of my latest episode of Toast Bites.

The notes puzzle stuck me for a bit, but I wasn't sure if I had everything I needed from the hole in the wall, if something was buggy or what so I'm looking forward to the full release to see where things go. I love the art style so much and the richness of the deep night-time colors. The music is fantastic too. 

I also commend you for your notes/items system because the ability to move things around and arrange them on screen as needed is huge. You also understood very well what information needs to be referred back to and how without fluff. 

When doing the wind puzzle, I originally drew my own diagram with pen and paper to keep track only to be pleasantly surprised when I realized you already had an identical dynamic diagram I could follow my progress with built right in. That's the kind of attention to detail not all developers give, so kudos and good luck!

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Such a wonderful visual novel! I'm having a blast and I haven't even gotten that far into it yet. It's such an incredible use of fairy tales. I think that's my favorite thing about it, the premise you've woven around it. There's a lot of setup for well-paced, robust character development here and the story hits all the marks to be expected without depending too much on overused tropes.

 The artwork is great and everything gels together well in the world you're building instead of the locations and attire being eccentric and all over the place "just because". The writing reveals a lot about each character without being too heavy handed and I think you guys chose the right background music for each shift in tone. 

I don't really have anything negative to say about it. Of all the serious visual novels I play, this is definitely one of the better ones. Also, kudos on the original theme and for taking the time to make it! Not a lot of people take the time to make an intro like that for their visual novels. I'm looking forward to finishing this out. Good luck with this and with your future projects!

I really enjoyed the speed and fluidity of this! It'll definitely take some practice to master the controls and timing to get decent tricks and high scores, but it's so satisfying when things come together. I didn't finish enough of the playthrough to record a full video on it, but I wanted to include it somehow since it's such a blast, so I added some footage to my latest game list and put the link in the description. Good luck with this and any other projects you're working on!

A testament to thoughtful game design! Such a lovely job you've done here. Congrats on all of the praise. It's well deserved. I really enjoyed the demo and I'm looking forward to playing the full release! I added it to my latest list at #3 (not a ranking, just the position). Good luck with future development!

You're welcome and take care!