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A topic by norvell84 created Oct 29, 2019 Views: 99 Replies: 2
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The realism applied to the mechanics of travel in this game are awesome. The placement of housing areas is spot on and feels more realistic, the flowers and their placement are beautiful.
When I load a game all the items and money in my inventory are gone.


Hello norvell84, thank you for trying my game and thank you for your kind words. I'm working on much more realistic grass, new areas and redoing all the plants and flowers as 3D models and not just planes as they are right now. Sorry to hear you had issues with saved games. Send me the saved game and I will try to find what the problem is. Contact me via email, discord, twitch or any other way of contact that you can find in the web of the game.

 I would send you the save, but I saved over it. :/ But I did finish it the second go around and enjoyed it much, will be playing again. This time trying to manage money and get more items just because.