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Awesome, really excited to try this.*now that it's done.

Hey sorry about that, this is for sure not a single player game. I'm not sure who tagged it as such. I'm looking into how to handle a return now.

<3 We would like to include our game Artifacts of the Tarot to this bundle. #BlackLivesMatter

Happy Halloween!!

GG! Congrats to all that entered. I enjoyed the experience a lot. Hope I see next years contest and am able to join.

I've joined the group, I'd like to play a few of the games.  One of our writers created a roll20 for our game (artifacts of the tarot) since the set up is a bit special. You can find links to it in the comments of our game and we'll try to get ppl added to it asap. I also have tabletop simulator if ppl want to play in there.

This hits the theme right on the head! I would pull "being suave" from diplomacy since that's what calm seems to be doing. Overall though this is really solid!! 

Hey here is the link to that roll20 so you can try it out! :)

Oh also LoveConnection made a roll20 page so people can play it with out having to get a tarot deck.

Please let us know if you have any issues.

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Thanks for the great feedback!!! We'll take it all into consideration on our next pass on the game!! There are three of us and we all blocked out the weekend a month or so in advance and just ran with the first or second idea we came up with. Oh and didn't really sleep much for the 48 hours lol. I was lucky enough to have a regular board game group on that saturday that tested it so we even got 1 game of play testing to make a second pass in the hours right before the dead line lol. (you'll notice we submitted with 8 minutes left on the clock lolol.) 

Thanks again.

Edit: also check out this roll20 we made if you want to try it out w/o needing a deck of cards

I cant wait to stomp into a village and pillage!! 

Yay! Sheets!! XD

I really love this and am going to be playing this as soon as I get a chance.

Wow, this is really great looking.

This reminds me of a mix of dnd and blades in the dark :)

Completely forgot to credit ourselves in the pdf. lol Will edit after the contest but in the mean time.

A game by Evan Buchholz, Karl  Meyer, and Glen Guyett.

Cover art painted by Karl Meyer. 

Card art public domain Rider Waite Smith tarot set.

is it ok if we made the whole group admin after we submitted our rpg?