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lot of level lots of fun !! the only thing that i would like is that you can save your progress but nice game

Good story x Rpg nice!!!

This game could easily be a mobile game !! nice

Nice simple and fun the magic formula!!!!

thanks for playing :D

one of my favs from this jam !! nice simple and fun

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double trouble very nice!! however i didnt know how to beat level one but i love the game

yep but not yet i didnt have the time to add that funcionality , but i will add other 10 minigame but later when i got some free time and post it on android as i usually do Thanks for playing

Asteroid Janitor , cool nice simple but complex cool game indeed !!

Small fast and nice , also a cool use of pixel frogs assets

i just loved the physics of your game they are supreme NICE WELL MADE GAME

stupid raccoon !!!i love it short and cool thats the best type of games for a jam

it was as difficult as hell but i get the vibe

i dont know how yoy manage to create a 3d game with gdevelop very impressive

for the amount of time you invest on it is pretty decent

very very fun game !!

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spicy chicken you always make incredible games keep going !!!!!

so simple that is cool, the leaderboard is super you nailed it.

Very Well made game , good graphs !!!!

nice that you add that fuel stuff, i didnt see the leaderboard but i guess you can add it later

I manage to play it on my pc , i will say it needs music and some ui design but for your fist game is cool man, keep going

old school game nice!!

nice a lot of minigames reminds me like some warioware minigames

Cool, i lost my chicken a lot of times

Aesthetics are good the moving background is also cool.

love the moving background and the self generated levels

Yep also if the dog is near the cat he will try to get him, but the trick there is to use the cat he will get a bust (also i need to change the logic so if you are controling the dog he should obey you as well ) , thanks 4 noticing

Thanks 4 playing Ikmal Said

your game One of the nicest game of the jam thanks 4 playing

Thanks overcraft love the color pallet of your game

One of the greatest game of the Jam ….. 4 me at least the one thing i will improve is the dying a checkpoint will be nice every 3 or 4 screens

yeah it seems so , but that gives it a little spice to the game LOL Thanks for playing tammas2020200

yeah i know ,it needs a how two play screen, but once you undestand it is not that confusing. –press the dog icon an you can point and click the direction of the dog drive him to his bone and the to his home (the one with the bone icon).. –press the cat icon an you can point and click the direction of the cat drive him to his fish and the to his home (the one with the fish icon)… – If you dont give the any direction in 5 seconds or so the will move wherever they like – And they can no touch each other or the water or the fire

Hope you can replay it again (i will put the description and the icon once the jam finish)

always apleasure to see one well crafetd game !!!!! nice

thanks 4 playing pravinga

thanks for playing bubble

thanks 4 playing slinksph!!1