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Woop Woop~

This game was awesome!

The graphics were really nice and the music was very fitting. The story itself was really cool too! The battles and their mechanics  were fun but slightly tedious and the first one was a bit hard (I have died 3 times before succeeding, but it was quite fun.) Sometimes the dialogue seemed to be a bit slow to appear but over all the game was very good.

I hope you'll make more games like these in the future, I'll be looking forward to them!

Woohoo! A sequel to the first one? Awesome! 

I can't wait and I can't thank you enough for making another one!

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I'll try to keep this short, mainly for the purpose of trying not to bore you. (edit - I have failed at keeping this short T_T)

This demo was delightful! The art looked very pleasing, the music was wonderful and the story and writing was just phenomenal.
I went through each of the routes in the NaNoRenO version  multiple times (I missed the boys!) and I see clearly how much the writing has improved. Greenace is also doing a fantastic job with the sprites and CG's. I am already waiting for the full version but at the same time dreading it, for the sole reason that this project will be over. *frowns*

Well, the new characters. Tabitha is sooo precious! She gave me a little bit of a 'pushy' vibe which I usually don't like but I actually really liked her as a character ( she also looked girly yet very confident). Ellis is like a cinnamon roll to me (but Zel is my true cinnamon roll!) , he was acting a little weird and awkward which I think is a big part of his charm. The way he looks matches his personality perfectly, and his colour palette was very charming! 

Now that I went into the looks of people I really wanted to say I love how the main menu looks like (the bunny ears Nicholl is making are very cute!). Each and every of the characters are really well done with their design and colours. I also really admire the first CG you see in the game (Charming making a potion).

My favourite route just had to be Nicholl's. Ever since the first version of the game I really wanted him to be a love interest, when I found out the news that he will be in the full-er version of the game I was ecstatic. I like the chemistry that Charming and Nicholl have between them and I am really wondering what happens next in his route. It took quite an unexpected turn, which I was charmed by. I am also interested in this melon garden, I hope we can find out a little bit more about it. (Bonus! - I was chuckling to myself so hard at the 'body switching' part in Mer's route, at how he was so flushed and immediately retreated and set that topic aside. It was waaaay more hilarious to me than it should have been.)

Now let me just wrap this up. I am a little bit sad at the fact that Beau and Hood didn't make it into the fuller version. I do recall reading somewhere that you might add them in the distant future, so I'm holding onto that piece of hope. (Mostly because I love the way the setting of the story goes with the plot, definitely one of my favourite Visual Novels out there). I only have 1 question, which has probably answered before but I rather ask it myself and be sure of it, will the full game be free or will you have to pay for it?

Well that's about it, I wish you luck with further development and I'm waiting for more great games from you! Thank you for this fantastic game ^.^

Woooah. This game was amazing!

At first I wasn't quite sure what I was doing but after a while I got a hang of it and it was so enjoyable. The audio was really good. The graphics looked really good and they were probably the reason I downloaded this. It reminded me a little bit of Portal too which also attracted me to it. 

I really liked the way there were 4 places to go to with their own sets of puzzles to go through. I was kind of weirded out at how we are literally a tentacle monster/ jellyfish but it was really neat how we weren't just a head or invisible and that we could actually see ourselves. I also found the transfering from one puzzle to another really clever, even though I didn't quite understand what it was for at the start. 

I really do hope you make more puzzle games like these since this one was really enjoyable but I found it a little short for this type of game, 

Thank you for creating this wonderful game! I will be expecting more great games from you!

This game was quite short but for what it was, I found it quite cute.

Thank you for replying to me! Also that is really impressive since you had a time limit for it and you entered late but you ended up with something very good. And woah, a sequel would be awesome! 

No problem! You really do deserve more recognition and follows :)

I have to say I was nicely surprised by how well done the game was for what it was.

It was rather short but very enjoyable. I really liked the idea and the way it looks is really nice. I wish you could make a full-er version with more characters, more 'hints' to the story and more enemies and places to stay/go to!

For what it was I thought it was pretty neat :D I expect more great games from you!

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Woah. This game was awesome!

To be honest I wasn't expecting much from it but I downloaded anyway. So moving on, two days later I play it and wow

The graphics were really darn good, the occasional sound effects too! And, of course, the story itself was really great. It did make me question a bit of why did we get amnesia, why did we go on a ship, were there any 'remains' of the others? I was really satisfied with the amount of endings and pictures it had and I thought the 'Come closer' was really clever. The atmosphere seemed perfect for what it was. I was disappointed at how short the game was, I wish it was longer.


On another note, the true ending was soooo cute!! When I went to get the other endings it was really sad to act mean to him and then eventually kill him D:  After all he is just a kid that is scared in such a dark place. It really makes you feel sad for him, especially is you kill him first and then discover the true ending,  which thankfully didn't happen to me!

I expect many more great games from you! This was really enjoyable so thank you for making such a great game! =)

Yup! *throws glitter* I'll definetly be in the next thread! *pinky swear* ^.^

You are very welcome!

The plot didn't seem contrived at all to me, it seemed to go along naturally. The idea was quite simple in itself but you elaborated on it and it became very unique and interest catching.

I get the feeling that Daniel is probably my favourite...or on the same place as Landice...and Gabriel...And Ja-- OK OK, hmm, probably Daniel though? I loved all of them so it's a tough choice but yeah, Daniel seemed, how do I say this, he stood out to me and I felt sorry he had to stay inside and felt the way he did but he still grew up to not be hateful or too envious and, instead, became someone good and kind.

Meanwhile I'll be waiting for the next game from you! Wish you luck with more games <3

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This game was certainly something. It was very good overall and I loved all the endings. It was a very cool concept too. I wish there was even more to it, or even a sequel (from Vince's point of view when he grows up, during halloween maybe, for a change?) XD

First I went through Jake's route, truly such a cutie and kind guy. Then Landice's route, shy yet very protective. Then Daniel's very nice backstory, and Gabriel's too.

I played through them all again to get the 'secret' endings. It was actually really fun to play it again just to get that little bit more of the story. For a minute I thought you would leave it with an 'Imagine the rest yourself' kind of ending. I, for one hate those. I'm glad I played it and I am waiting for more!

(For a fact, I wasn't here since 2013 and I only just discovered this game a couple of weeks ago but I would wait for this type of game, long or short, those 3 years. As long as the developers do what they enjoy and share their creations with their 'fans' I think it's worth as long as it takes).

I will make sure to check out the demo and the fan book!

I'm sure the Valentines Otome will be just as good as this one was :)

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Get ready for a very long reading..

This game was sooo cute I couldn't stop myself from smiling to myself like a dumb idiot. Just to get this off of my chest, Mr Wolf caught my attention first, before even meeting him, then it was The Count aaaand I had no interest in Mr Bandages :P until later...

First of, I played Mr Bandages Route to make sure I played all of them, If I played his route at the end I wouldn't really have any interest to do it but anyway his route was good, It was my least favourite one but I still liked it a lot! This is also where the first bug occurred, when it was one of the task which you had to assemble a broken plate the game froze and I had to re open it , after that it worked and that bug didn't occur again :) .

Then I went through Mr Wolfs route...the sightseeing was interesting... :D That part made me laugh out loud.Also THE PAIN IN HIS EYES WHEN SHE OR ER, I SAID THAT I'LL MISS THE GATEWAY BUT IT MUST BE THE FOOD... The emotion in his beautifully innocent eyes. I truly feel he could act a bit more possessive at times and act more confident and it would really make him stand out but it was still very interesting. The gir-- er I mean I was very dense too -.- But nevermind that, the food must have blinded me. ^^

And now for the moment of truth, The Count, my favourite character even though I didn't have much interest in him at the start, besides that he was very friendly. Well when I found out his 'secret' which was quite a bit before he actually told me I was like, why didn't I find out earlier? It was so obvious, but I can't blame myself for it I guess. I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM SO MUCH DURING HIS ROUTE.Then i realized who I actually kissed in EACH route. Cute!

The mini games were enjoyable and not too hard. I thought that Erik would be a secret route but...emm yeah, well I got what I wanted. The art style was very well drawn and overall the game was very good for a free game. I truly wish there was a sequel but I don't think there will be one coming :(

Umm I also have 2 questions , first off In the Valentines Otome is the protagonist Mira by any chance??? ;D

And who was your favourite character here?

Thank you for making this game! Looking forward to more :D