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I'll try to keep this short, mainly for the purpose of trying not to bore you. (edit - I have failed at keeping this short T_T)

This demo was delightful! The art looked very pleasing, the music was wonderful and the story and writing was just phenomenal.
I went through each of the routes in the NaNoRenO version  multiple times (I missed the boys!) and I see clearly how much the writing has improved. Greenace is also doing a fantastic job with the sprites and CG's. I am already waiting for the full version but at the same time dreading it, for the sole reason that this project will be over. *frowns*

Well, the new characters. Tabitha is sooo precious! She gave me a little bit of a 'pushy' vibe which I usually don't like but I actually really liked her as a character ( she also looked girly yet very confident). Ellis is like a cinnamon roll to me (but Zel is my true cinnamon roll!) , he was acting a little weird and awkward which I think is a big part of his charm. The way he looks matches his personality perfectly, and his colour palette was very charming! 

Now that I went into the looks of people I really wanted to say I love how the main menu looks like (the bunny ears Nicholl is making are very cute!). Each and every of the characters are really well done with their design and colours. I also really admire the first CG you see in the game (Charming making a potion).

My favourite route just had to be Nicholl's. Ever since the first version of the game I really wanted him to be a love interest, when I found out the news that he will be in the full-er version of the game I was ecstatic. I like the chemistry that Charming and Nicholl have between them and I am really wondering what happens next in his route. It took quite an unexpected turn, which I was charmed by. I am also interested in this melon garden, I hope we can find out a little bit more about it. (Bonus! - I was chuckling to myself so hard at the 'body switching' part in Mer's route, at how he was so flushed and immediately retreated and set that topic aside. It was waaaay more hilarious to me than it should have been.)

Now let me just wrap this up. I am a little bit sad at the fact that Beau and Hood didn't make it into the fuller version. I do recall reading somewhere that you might add them in the distant future, so I'm holding onto that piece of hope. (Mostly because I love the way the setting of the story goes with the plot, definitely one of my favourite Visual Novels out there). I only have 1 question, which has probably answered before but I rather ask it myself and be sure of it, will the full game be free or will you have to pay for it?

Well that's about it, I wish you luck with further development and I'm waiting for more great games from you! Thank you for this fantastic game ^.^

(Just a note to start off with: This is Windchimes, the writer of Lads in Distress / Catfish Crew. I'm just using this account for our new VN studio to answer comments because I have added this account as a contributor to LiD project, and it's easier to monitor all our games under both CC and EG from this account alone.)

Hello! Thank you for trying our new demo and for the detailed feedback! Don't worry, we don't mind long comments at all ^_^

We're glad you like the new demo! :D It particularly makes me happy that you felt the writing has improved. Crazy how much one year of constant VN writing can do, huh? Looking back on the old NaNoRenO script makes me cringe now lol.

Thank you for the compliments on the art! We were worried about whether fans would be unhappy about art inconsistency with the changes in the character artist position, so we're glad to hear you like the character/CG art and Ellis's new design!

Haha, glad to hear you like Tabitha! Yes, she can definitely be pushy, but that's why she's such great friends with Charming ;) Charming needs strong characters like Tabitha as friends or else she'd probably scare all of them away, lol. Yes, I'd say Ellis's social awkwardness is part of his charm. It's so different from all the princes Charming meets daily that she's drawn to it in a strange way. ;)

Ah, another Nicholl fan! Honestly, with how much fans were asking for a Nicholl route for NaNoRenO version, I was so nervous about whether this Nicholl route would let you guys down, so I'm glad to hear you like his route! As for the melon garden... It's actually a joke / meme that started in our public Discord server with fans, so blame them! I ended up making it canon because it fits and it's hilarious, so the melon garden will definitely come up more often in Nicholl's route!

Haha, Beau and Hood... Maybe in a distant future. xD No promises yet! Sorry for the disappointment though OTL We really didn't want to cut them, but we had no choice ;o;

The full game will indeed continue to be free! So no worries about that :D After all, we're using a lot of CC-NC background resources, so we can't make the game commercial even if we wanted to, unless we want to commission full set of original backgrounds lol.

Anyways, thank you again for playing our demo and letting us know your thoughts! ^_^