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Woooah. This game was amazing!

At first I wasn't quite sure what I was doing but after a while I got a hang of it and it was so enjoyable. The audio was really good. The graphics looked really good and they were probably the reason I downloaded this. It reminded me a little bit of Portal too which also attracted me to it. 

I really liked the way there were 4 places to go to with their own sets of puzzles to go through. I was kind of weirded out at how we are literally a tentacle monster/ jellyfish but it was really neat how we weren't just a head or invisible and that we could actually see ourselves. I also found the transfering from one puzzle to another really clever, even though I didn't quite understand what it was for at the start. 

I really do hope you make more puzzle games like these since this one was really enjoyable but I found it a little short for this type of game, 

Thank you for creating this wonderful game! I will be expecting more great games from you!

Thanks you for your kind comments, I'm glad you liked it. I work on a follow up to the game, and even if it's taking more time that I wanted to, I hope it will be as good.