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Woah. This game was awesome!

To be honest I wasn't expecting much from it but I downloaded anyway. So moving on, two days later I play it and wow

The graphics were really darn good, the occasional sound effects too! And, of course, the story itself was really great. It did make me question a bit of why did we get amnesia, why did we go on a ship, were there any 'remains' of the others? I was really satisfied with the amount of endings and pictures it had and I thought the 'Come closer' was really clever. The atmosphere seemed perfect for what it was. I was disappointed at how short the game was, I wish it was longer.


On another note, the true ending was soooo cute!! When I went to get the other endings it was really sad to act mean to him and then eventually kill him D:  After all he is just a kid that is scared in such a dark place. It really makes you feel sad for him, especially is you kill him first and then discover the true ending,  which thankfully didn't happen to me!

I expect many more great games from you! This was really enjoyable so thank you for making such a great game! =)

Thank you so much for leaving your impressions on the game! It's great to know you enjoyed it :)

And you're right,  it's a short game - mainly because I had a time limit to complete it and I had to rush through it (it was originally made for the Nanoreno17 game jam, I entered late so I had only two weeks left to complete it) and also because I wanted the players to "fill in the blanks", so I feared expanding more on the story would ruin the feel of it all. But if I change my mind and come up with an interesting story I think I could make a sequel, in the future...who knows 

I also wanted to thank you for the follow ;)

Thank you for replying to me! Also that is really impressive since you had a time limit for it and you entered late but you ended up with something very good. And woah, a sequel would be awesome! 

No problem! You really do deserve more recognition and follows :)