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Get ready for a very long reading..

This game was sooo cute I couldn't stop myself from smiling to myself like a dumb idiot. Just to get this off of my chest, Mr Wolf caught my attention first, before even meeting him, then it was The Count aaaand I had no interest in Mr Bandages :P until later...

First of, I played Mr Bandages Route to make sure I played all of them, If I played his route at the end I wouldn't really have any interest to do it but anyway his route was good, It was my least favourite one but I still liked it a lot! This is also where the first bug occurred, when it was one of the task which you had to assemble a broken plate the game froze and I had to re open it , after that it worked and that bug didn't occur again :) .

Then I went through Mr Wolfs route...the sightseeing was interesting... :D That part made me laugh out loud.Also THE PAIN IN HIS EYES WHEN SHE OR ER, I SAID THAT I'LL MISS THE GATEWAY BUT IT MUST BE THE FOOD... The emotion in his beautifully innocent eyes. I truly feel he could act a bit more possessive at times and act more confident and it would really make him stand out but it was still very interesting. The gir-- er I mean I was very dense too -.- But nevermind that, the food must have blinded me. ^^

And now for the moment of truth, The Count, my favourite character even though I didn't have much interest in him at the start, besides that he was very friendly. Well when I found out his 'secret' which was quite a bit before he actually told me I was like, why didn't I find out earlier? It was so obvious, but I can't blame myself for it I guess. I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM SO MUCH DURING HIS ROUTE.Then i realized who I actually kissed in EACH route. Cute!

The mini games were enjoyable and not too hard. I thought that Erik would be a secret route but...emm yeah, well I got what I wanted. The art style was very well drawn and overall the game was very good for a free game. I truly wish there was a sequel but I don't think there will be one coming :(

Umm I also have 2 questions , first off In the Valentines Otome is the protagonist Mira by any chance??? ;D

And who was your favourite character here?

Thank you for making this game! Looking forward to more :D

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Thank you for taking the time to comment! We love reading responses - they motivate us to work on our games. Long responses are especially effective :)

Now to answer your questions:

1. Yes, Mira is the protagonist of Valentines Otome. We have a link to the demo/sneak peak of it on tumblr but we're holding off on putting it on until we're closer to finished as things may change.

2. We love all of our boys, but some were definitely easier to work with.

If you want more Halloween Otome you can always check out the Fan Book if you haven't already. There's also going to be glimpses of how the relationship with Emma and whichever Halloween Otome guy you choose as her significant other in Valentines Otome to look forward to.

I will make sure to check out the demo and the fan book!

I'm sure the Valentines Otome will be just as good as this one was :)