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Thank you for taking the time to comment! We love reading responses - they motivate us to work on our games. Long responses are especially effective :)

Now to answer your questions:

1. Yes, Mira is the protagonist of Valentines Otome. We have a link to the demo/sneak peak of it on tumblr but we're holding off on putting it on until we're closer to finished as things may change.

2. We love all of our boys, but some were definitely easier to work with.

If you want more Halloween Otome you can always check out the Fan Book if you haven't already. There's also going to be glimpses of how the relationship with Emma and whichever Halloween Otome guy you choose as her significant other in Valentines Otome to look forward to.

I will make sure to check out the demo and the fan book!

I'm sure the Valentines Otome will be just as good as this one was :)