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I have also uploaded an updated version of the game (1.1.1) that I re-code-signed, but something has been going wrong with that process (not sure if it's my fault or Unity)

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Hi! Thanks for getting in touch. 

There’s two options for fixing that. You can either

- Play using the Itch App at


- Follow these steps: (they apply the same)

Not sure if something is wrong with the OTF! Maybe it's just how Unity (actually TextMeshPro) handles the RASTER_HINTED rendering.

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What Font Size should I set this to when doing a (Hinted) Raster render? (e.g. in Unity) What is the default character height? 

It looks like 8, but that gives me jumbled results in Unity.

EDIT: Okay, it was 10, and I had to use the .ttf instead of the .otf for it to work nicely.

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Hey everyone, I have a question about keys/distribution that I couldn't find from the FAQ/Knowledge base:

Is there a way to create a download key that can be claimed multiple times and, when revoked, doesn't remove access to the game from the people who used it?

  1.  I want to give an unknown amount of testers access to the game by dropping a download key in a mass email, everybody who responds (soon-ish) should get access to the current build that is uploaded
  2. I don't want to have to manage sending individual keys to testers (and figuring out whether or not they claim them)
  3. I want to be able to revoke the key afterwards, to prevent it from being shared too widely
  4. But I'd like the testers to keep access to the builds in the future, I don't want to revoke their "ownership" of the game.

Is it possible to do this with the current distribution tools? 

I think the levels are included as a text file in the game folder.. I got stuck coming up with interesting challenges (especially in the short timeframe of LD).. But if you come up with more levels I'll gladly include them!

Well, if you look in the game's folder, you can edit all the levels and the rules of the game. That's about as sandbox as it gets, except it's in a textfile ;). Then when you start the game it will load up those levels.

I'll also upload the new version today :)

Hi, Thanks for the comment! I actually already built a slightly improved version but haven't had the chance to upload it yet. You're definitely right that it is 'vague' at best. I'm also considering finding a level designer to help me out with creating a couple more sensible levels.