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Hey there! I'm trying your game out right now.

Here's ours if you're interested:

Hey there! Me and my friend decided to join this game jam to have some fun, and ended up with a game we're pretty proud of! I had never really used Unity before so this was sort of a first time experience, but I had gotten used to it fast. My friend has been using Unity for a while so he did a lot of stuff that I couldn't do fast and without many bugs.

Here's a link to our game if you want to check it out!

Wow! I love the design. At first I didn't quite understand what the adherence to the theme was but I can see where you're coming from. The design is 10/10 though! Great job!

Wow! This quite impressive. Did you make the models yourself?

I love the design and originality, but the adherence to the theme could be a bit stronger.

Overall, one of the best I've seen so far! Great job!

Great game! I instantly clicked because the design reminded me of a game called Machinarium. I love the idea of a delay after a movement. 

All in all, 10/10 design, and great original idea. Good job!

Great game! I'm not sure if the walls are supposed to ripple when touched, but it gives sort of a wonky feel to the game.

But the atmosphere of the game is amazing, and it made up for that bug. I also found myself having fun trying to avoid the moving walls and getting to the objective.

Overall, great atmosphere, and fun game design.

Man, the design in this game is great! I had a little trouble at the start because I didn't know the controls (my fault, I should've read the description), but after I figured them out, the game was a blast!

Great job!

Nice idea, but a problem I experienced:

1. I couldn't really tell if I could move to the side and still stay on the platform. It felt like I was going to fall off.

Other than that, nice game!

Honestly this is just great. It made me laugh so much because of how accurate it is, and the game design is pretty good.