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No Extra Lives

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Since this was made for a gamejam, I unfortunately didn't have a lot of time to playtest and balance it properly -- but thanks for playing, anyhow! 

Actually, you're welcome to do that yourself: if you hit F2 it opens up a hidden cheat prompt. Type "rez" then hit Enter, and it'll swap to 640x640 mode.

Ah, okay... In that case, all I think it could use is maybe a change of color between when the block is falling, and when the block has landed. Like falling magma that cools off.

Thanks for playing! There is a puzzle-ish thing with the ruins, but otherwise it's more of a plain survival game. The (very minimal amount of) lore ties in to a bigger series we're working on, and there will be more puzzles / lore stuff hidden around if I come back to working on it.

The rules on when the blocks would go down seemed a littly wonky at times, and it doesn't really make sense that landing on the top of a falling block kills you (though I understand where it comes from code-wise), but fun otherwise. The simple graphics are very clean-looking and it has a nice difficulty ramp. I enjoyed it overall. Thanks for sharing!

Yep -- we're using Game Maker Studio 2. I can point you to the documentation for Cameras, but I don't think I could explain it very well myself. Through a lot of trial and error we somehow got our 3D camera to work, and then we didn't dare to ask too many questions. Anyway, thanks for playing!