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Thanks for playing! There is a puzzle-ish thing with the ruins, but otherwise it's more of a plain survival game. The (very minimal amount of) lore ties in to a bigger series we're working on, and there will be more puzzles / lore stuff hidden around if I come back to working on it.

I see, that's very cool. I was wondering if you would be able to render a few parts of the game in 256x256 or higher resolutions, take some pics and send it to me! It's not urgent, I just want to see how it looks, I would like to take some ideas for a possible game for the next lowrezjam! If it's ok ofc.


Actually, you're welcome to do that yourself: if you hit F2 it opens up a hidden cheat prompt. Type "rez" then hit Enter, and it'll swap to 640x640 mode.

Ah! Very interesting! Thanks