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I'm loving the look and feel of this - the low color sprites are super cute, and I'm really interested in the story - I hope you'll keep expanding it!

Really nice creative story here. The CRT effect and the sitcom music are great, and it was really funny too!

This was a really great experience! It really effectively builds tension, the graphics style looks really great, and the storybook idea is so cool.

This is really great - the illustrations are absolutely beautiful, and the story is so sweet and affecting!

Very nice little story! I love how more and more about the characters and situation is revealed as you go. Plays with a lot of really interesting themes. Ultimately it was quite moving for me.

I really enjoyed this walk! The atmosphere of the music and writing works together beautifully, well done!

Beautiful game! great look, great puzzles, great music too

That was really awesome! Great visual style, the story and writing were really good. I found the puzzles pretty hard, but I managed to get to the end without too much struggle

The animations look great! I actually think it’s good that the walking/climbing parts are slow, it adds to the feeling of struggle to get up the mountain

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This is awesome! I love the guardian - having something huge off in the distance that you can actually go up and get close to is amazing. The day/night cycle is really beautiful too.

oh edit to add - your mac build does work for me, but I had to run the following command to open it:

chmod -R +x

I like this! The atmosphere is very good, very creepy. For some reason the mac version doesn't open for me, so I played it on a VM where it didn't run super great and wasn't able to get to the end. The look is great though, the rain and thunder sounds are especially good for that creepy night road trip atmosphere

It's very pretty! I love the look of the trees, the overall visual style and everything. I really like the idea of the story too, it was nice to slowly learn more of what was going on and the ending was very emotional!

In general it's somewhat slow - you could certainly speed up the text scroll a lot for my taste. I also found it a bit hard to figure out how the wind worked, in a couple instances I got separated from my ice block and then just sort of had to muscle through - it would be nice if it could somehow be a little clearer that the block was blocking the wind, or which areas were walkable or not.

hey thanks a lot! I really love your asset pack. Can I ask what browser you’re using? I’ve only really gotten the browser emulator to work on chrome

This is really nice - I used it for a game I just finished :)

really cool. love how the story leaves things to the imagination

I love the cookie platforms!

This is so cute!! Loved it