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I love it.

Very neat and chill!

This is very weird and I like it.

I already watched it yesterday, haha. 



Honestly, even with a larger team 2 months wouldn't be nearly enough time to adapt the entire Epistle 3 script into a mod.

You're much better to create something small that inspired by parts of the text, or just your memories of Half-Life in general.

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Hopefully it's just an outlier case and not a sign of incoming widespread abuse of's open game jam submission process, especially if there aren't moderation tools in place to counter it.

*EDIT* Well I guess there are tools after all :P

I think it would probably depend on the nature of what you make. Parody law would probably cover most people's use of the characters, but yes, anyone attempting to "actually" create a serious interpretation of Episode 3 could be breaching copyright.

Agreed, however the game he's referring to was uploaded to months before this jam was even created.

Super neat! I hit every cone because I'm a terrible driver, apparently.

This is magnificent.

That new Drizzy track tho.

This is a super neat mechanic! Well done!

I hit all of the wizard keys at one. It was glorious.

Looks like you accidentally inverted the windows and OSX download links

Just updated the game to version 1.1 to fix a camera bug that occurred when carrying another player in fullscreen mode.

"The most recent pizza shooting simulator I have played"


Deep down, we're all sad modern idiots.

Neat! I liked the ending.