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Why do not we all get together and make a great mod instead of splitting into "little teams"?

A topic by Economia_Productions created Sep 02, 2017 Views: 497 Replies: 4
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Why do not we all get together and make a great mod instead of splitting into "little teams" and releasing dozens of unfinished and / or short / unattended mods? In addition, we only have 2 months to make a mod, where the opportunity that the community has in hand, could not be put into practice in this short span of time. WE HAVE THE OFFICIAL SCRIPT OF EPISODE 3, why do it in just 2 months with small teams, when we can make a much better mod and end the episodic trilogy into a special way:the community-made episode? It would be much better if we got together and made a great team ...


This is a game jam, not a serious project. This is supposed to be a love letter by fans based on the released script. I'm sure, that there are people willing to do a full mod based on the script and it requires much more time to do that. For now, this is just a distraction, to celebrate the conclusion of Half-Life 2's story. 


hm...ok then

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Economia Productions,

   I had the exactly same Idea as you, I thought of something like Skywind, or the things that TESRenewal Project have done (go search about them they are amazing). They have a very well planned out pipeline there, separate departments with a well picked leader, they recruit though online forms to see your skills (modeling, Design, programming, audio etc) and then assign you to these departments where you get tasks accordingly to your skill set and then they piece everything together to form basically a new game. We need someone who`s willing to regroup everyone and put up a website for recruiting and organizational purposes and really get hands on with this project. This needs to be big. As soon as something like this is up I will sign up as a modeler and animator.

   Game Jam will be an amazing start but we need to make this happen.



Honestly, even with a larger team 2 months wouldn't be nearly enough time to adapt the entire Epistle 3 script into a mod.

You're much better to create something small that inspired by parts of the text, or just your memories of Half-Life in general.