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Nice, really fun game. One thing that I would love in it, a UI to see the power gauge, as the camera is top down I couldn't really tell what the pink block on the side of the player was!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm super happy that you liked it!

Nice that you liked it! Thanks for the feedback! The physics needs a little more tweaking though, sometimes it is really unfair haha!


Nice work, I'm impressed you reserved time to do a proper tutorial, it taught me some baseball too xD

Really fun and great game. The presentation and music is top notch too!

Got 560! Nice Game, loved the particle effects and the physics!

Nice Physics!

I did 32!

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Economia Productions,

   I had the exactly same Idea as you, I thought of something like Skywind, or the things that TESRenewal Project have done (go search about them they are amazing). They have a very well planned out pipeline there, separate departments with a well picked leader, they recruit though online forms to see your skills (modeling, Design, programming, audio etc) and then assign you to these departments where you get tasks accordingly to your skill set and then they piece everything together to form basically a new game. We need someone who`s willing to regroup everyone and put up a website for recruiting and organizational purposes and really get hands on with this project. This needs to be big. As soon as something like this is up I will sign up as a modeler and animator.

   Game Jam will be an amazing start but we need to make this happen.