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For those interested, I've made an update to the game, which can be obtained by downloading the file: "Puzzle_Picker.exe".

Neat, though I would combine the throwing and placing mechanics for versatility. So if you pick up a ladder, it would just add to your total amount of ladders instead of going on a separate counter. But nice difficulty curve.

Nah, spend most of it on palaces, then the general fired me. If I would have to give a minor tip, I think it would be better if the general gives more feedback. For now he only mentions which direction is worst, but it'd be nice if he would say things like: "Only the east is up to scratch." I recon you are secretly simulating an invasion in the general's head which makes him respond as he does, which would explain why he only chooses one direction. Great stuff.

Thank you! Fun fact, I made it such that the unsolvable puzzles are actually quite likely to go through the yellow spots, just to make guessing it more challenging.

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You have to stop in the yellow square, and you only stop if you hit a wall. Your pictures show possibilities of going through yellow spots, but not stopping in them.

What a perfect way to use combat concepts without combat, and make it purely political. The enemies were all in the general's head, but to be fair, one more palace and we would surely have been attacked.

Lol, you just hyper-jump through the asteroids to destroy them, very neat. Making the distance grow exponentially (or squarely) makes it quite tactical.

I would make the ship loop around the screen, like it does in asteroids. Would make it possible to fill the screen with you hyper-jump line, for some risky ultra move.

You are right about the random generation. I did try to impose more restrictions on allowable puzzles, but more often than not it would make the solutions too obvious. So I decided to keep the less restrictive but more difficult puzzles. I might try and tweak it a bit more once the jam is over. Thank you for the comment!

Best platformer without gravity I have encountered yet. You kept it simple, but intuitive. Liked how you keep moving if you just walk of a platform. The level where you had to sneak around the enemy is a good example of how interesting tactics evolve from simple mechanics. Great potential for more level design.

Add some visualization of which units are yours, and get rid of the errors, and you got yourself a game. Always liked playing necromancers in rpgs.

Nice idea to use different attack patterns to target different areas and compensate for not being able to move. However, only the yellow shot seemed to effect the area in front of the ship, which is problematic as most enemy ships shoot directly at you. The green shot helps a bit, but not much. I do think with some tweaks, the game has potential. You can't go wrong with fractals, in my opinion.

Recreating the genius that is Stanley's Parabole in 48 hours is an ambitious idea. Could have used a bit more focus, but a noble effort nonetheless.

Great idea! Could use some polish, I got stuck in the wall multiple times, and sometimes it would stop crawling. But the puzzles are well designed.

I would make the background darker, so you can see the action better (bullets kind of blend in). Slowing down the bullets would also make the game a bit more tactical, but the idea has potential.

Interesting game, with a nice concept. There is a steep learning curve though, so I'd add some smaller levels in the beginning to better pace the tutorial. Once I got the hang of it, it was a lot of fun.

P.s.: Do click on the windows button next to your file in your upload page, so people can see it is playable on windows.

You were able to change the worst mechanic in pinball into the best one, exploration. I like how much variety you were able to include, each level has a distinct theme. Nice.