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Thanks man! The bombs being the same color is definitely intended, though I'm not sure if for artistic or gameplay reasons..... But I agree that it should be more clear what the  controls are...  would have needed better time management for that

Yeah, no explaination... was totally intentional ^^'

Thanks! And yeah, I could only spend like 10 mins on the music...

Oh, that game that looked like trasevoldogs!

Just kidding, adding color really sets it apart. I think it turned out great, especially the visuals~

Hey, I spend the last two days working on "Ninjaloon" for the heart game jam here on the site. The result of these sleepless nights is my first release, an arcade style bullet hell game! In it you play a baloon that can slow down time with his ninja senses and avoid deadly shuriken. Your biggest thread though are the clouds that are slowly moving in and restricting you!

This was my first experience with the engine and a solo jam, so I am pretty happy with the result!


Thanks, pixels are my forte! Why is everyone stressing that it's "simple" though? xD

Thank you! And oh man, I feel really stupid now... I did all the outlines per hand on the sprites xD

Cool to see another pico8 submission :P This is definitely one of the most polished submissions!
Can't really say anything bad about it, just a little stressful for a genre thats usually more relaxed. Now I kind of want to make a tower defense game too :D

Thanks, art is definitely my favorite aspect of gamdev!

And he subtle shrinking wasn't really intended, but I'm glad that you played far enough and noticed it!

Oh wow, alright thank you :D

No worries! I think it is shrinking very slowly in this version too, I would have increased it now

I always wanted to play nuclear throne anyways, so this was a nice demo xD

Jk, very fun and polished! Even the music too :D

Thanks, I always strive for minimalism!
And btw I reworked the game page to also explain the theme, because I think it may have been unclear

Thanks for the thorough feedback! Yeah unfortunately I only had like 10 mins for the music ^^''

The theme btw was meant to be implemented through the wall of clouds that is slowly getting closer (scarce space)

Unfortunately avast was didn't want to let me play this at first....

I really like it and even had a similar idea a while back, but I couldn't have implemented it this well! The best thing about it are definitely the visuals though :P