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Hey just released a new undertale fan game demo called Endtale hope y’all like it this is just a short demo for a game I’m making so don’t get your hopes too high I just want some feedback 

yeah pretty much

yeah lol I tried to spice up the movement as best as I could and let’s just say there is a exit but you need to be determined to find it lol

AMAZING!! I love it the music is amazing the only thing I will say is that the sound effects could be improved but other than that the game is perfect 

Voting is about to begin I wish everyone luck and MAY THE BEST GAME WIN!!!!!!! 

mine has been submitted 

COOL! I love its style! I’m rating it ASAP 

This game is called CREATURE. In this stealth and strategy horror game you must try and find you way out of the underrooms while avoiding the CREATURE. Can you find you way out? 


yeah I tried but I have to submit it from mobile because I currently must use my school computer to make games cause my normal laptop is getting repaired but I will try and see what I can do.

Hey I was having trouble importing the file for my game can you guys make sure it works I don’t want there to be no game lol.

Hey just a little update! My game is now available to play! I hope you guys enjoy it

I would suggest having a free download for people who can not afford it then make it cost a bit after the jam but personally I don’t like charging people for my games unless there well made and it took awhile

I’m just about to release it I think I made it generally scary and I made it feel almost as if it was a never ending nightmare even though there is a way to win. I think people will find it interesting 

Hmm nice interesting game I love how you went for a more text based game but I would recommend making it scary but it does have some moments

doing well haven’t slept but it will be worth it my game will be released in a day or 3 

oooh sounds cool I’m hoping to try and play some as well on video for my yt (if I have time lol) but I definitely would recommend you check everyone’s out I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff already!

nice job I could never create a game as good as that one so far I’m a pixel artist lol but I’m hoping I can ya physiological terror to induce fear into the player

Hello every I just want to wish you all luck and may the best jammer win I am so excited to see what we are all gonna make!

I have used it for jams before and I can export it I just wanted to know if it would be considered a engine 

thank you I’m soooo excited to start working on this I always loved the horror genre and now I get to make others scream 

May we use the scratch Engine to create our game?

the theme isn’t obvious but other than that it is a really cool game also maybe work on the models a bit.

lol forgot to sub just did keep up the good work!

amazing also nice vid

lol my game was bad I’m surprised people played it not my best work so I’m hoping to publish better games lol. But I am proud for my 1st jam!


amazing art! And story also some really cool mechanics 

Yeah I understand that I had many bugs and road blocks creating this game the theme did not work very well for me lol but I totally understand that

yeah lol I use scratch and I know I tried to make a jump mechanic but it was very buggy with the portal 

hey can you recommend others to check mine out this is my 1st jam and I know my game isn’t great but I would really like more feedback to improve :)

I do like the concept on its own though


ok but I feel like the theme isn’t that obvious 


nice simple game I would never thing of something like this also you page actually looks nice!

I submitted mine


I hope you guys like the game!!

yup lol I figured everything out