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(he can't do that)

I haven't tried this myself cuz I just tried, it didn't work and I gave up but someone replied to another comment saying you need to add the steam version of muck to your library first and then it'll work? idk makes no sense to me. if that doesn't work then maybe try adding this version of muck to steam as a nonsteam game?

either go to your distro's package manager and search for it there or install it from terminal. I believe the command differs a bit depending on distro but for most distros sudo apt install steam should work

in terminal

Unzip it, open the folder, right click the .x86_64 file, click properties. This brings up a window, in this window click permissions, and make sure allow executing as a program is checked, exit that window and then double click the file to run it

oh it does? I got stuck in a loop

took me way too long to realise it doesn't end lol


What browser are you using

Can't beat level 12 :(

He just uploaded one today!


Fair enough. I'm keep working on the game because I've got a lot of ideas for it so I'll make sure to make cards easier to find

What? Gdevelop can do multiplayer now? Holy shit!

Thanks! I completely agree! I'm planning on updating this game at some point so I'll make sure to up the damage a bit

You can attack them without a card by left clicking

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There is. Just left click :) Also I had alot of stuff I wanted to do that I didn't end up having time for so I'm definitely gonna keep working on it


Awesome! I normally try and give some suggestion on how to improve the game but I honestly can't think of anything! good job!


Really fun but the ball is way too bouncy

Nice! really fun! only thing that was slightly annoying was that with how you have the camera positioned the police could come up from the bottom and it was hard to see them before it was too late. Other then that great game!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!


Nice! Really cool idea! The game froze once  when I crafted a spear but it was only once and I just refreshed and it was fine after that so np there. The only thing I'd suggest barely even has to do with the game. It'd be nice if you could shrink the embed size on itch bc I had to scroll to get to the full screen button. That's most likely just because I'm playing on a laptop with a tiny screen. Anyways, Awesome game and both of the problems I had with it had nothing to do with the actual game. 10/10. good job!

Thanks! I'll check yours out!

Thanks! I'd been planning on adding more cards planning on updating soon

ah ok. I didn't realize you had to pick up a weapon. thanks

Thanks! glad you liked it!

Thanks! to be honest I'm not very happy with how this game turned out. There's a lot of stuff I wanted to do that I didn't have time for so I'm gonna update the game soon. Glad you liked it though :)

I hate youJust kidding. Good game!

Awesome! love it. 10/10

not great but could be worse

ngl not amazing but it could be worse. My main problem is that the jumping feels kind of odd and the shooting aspect feels kind of irrelevant since you can just kill all of the enemies from the first platform and then play it like a normal platformer. That being said it's pretty good, especially considering you're only 11! Good job!

Oh ok


I love this game but I had a bug where one of the enemies got stuck outsideit's in the top right corner

UUGH! This game looks so good! I really wish I hadn't switched to linux now :(  Oh well. Screen shots look awesome though!Good job!

Neat! found it a bit easy and a little on the slow side but otherwise pretty fun!