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One of my favourite, gg ! :)

The game is not laggy for me ! I liked a lot, gg man ! Music is good and graphics are cool. The movement game mechanic too !

Good idea, and the graphic rule is respected !

Really fun

So good mechanic !

Took some times to understand but the game is cool, and graphisms are cute !

I played like 5 minutes , it's ok. You can't make a long game in one week ;)

Funny, well played ^^

I never imagined these two genres could work together :D

Cute graphisms :D

I had this problem too, when you play your game hundred of times you are not able to say if it's easy or not. I suggest you to show your game to people, it really helped me ;)

I took some time to understand how to hit them without losing, but the game mechanic is original and it could be a good arcade game ! 

Graphisms are pixellated like i love, well played ! :D

At first, i didn't understand what was the utility of the color swap. Then when i saw that it discovered secret doors, i thank about the fact that it's a good idea ! 

It's minimalist as it has to be, but i'm just sad that there is only 3 levels.

Well played !

You should make a HTML version for this little short game. The gameplay is original but the noise when the boxes collide with others is really unpleasant.

Thank you !

Yeah, i should have put a easy mode with 3 lives by level to let the player the chance to discover all the game :/

For the art-style, i tried to do what i could with my graphic level (wich is REALLY bad), happy to see that it works ! :D

I remember your game at the last Minimalistic Jam, you turned into something really different but very original ! Well played

I always wanted to be a sumo

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Particle effects and ennemies are sympathic. I liked these clean graphisms ! The game is just too easy, i think a could hit theses ennemies during one hour without losing :D Well played !

The concept is really good. With more ennemies, items and a multiplayer mode, it can be a real independant game !

The mechanic is innovative ! But i'm really bad, as always

Good ! The arcade graphic style is original for a game about zombies (as if they're not like zombies we imagine). GG !

Original and funny, i like this old-school style ! :)

Hey, did you use pico-8 ?

The game is cool with pixel-art graphisms like a love them. It was just a bit easy, i just had to go right and shoot everytime to kil everybody. It's still funny, gg man !

Damn, i'm really bad at this game x)

I was septic about the mix of theses two games but the result is pretty fun, ah ah !

This gmae was very funny and the original mechanic was in harmony with the old-school graphic style.


The game is classic but the level creator is so a good idea ! Well played !

I like this kind of classic platformer and the colorimetry is beautiful, gg !

Strange feeling during playing this game, really cool

Yes, that wasn't really optimized x)

Thanks for your tips ! I wanted to add a keyboard mode but I was too late in time :/
The lock system was a good idea, i should add it !


The animation when you move to a planet is amazing

I tried to speedrun.
I died.

I lose really fast in easy mode, am I bad ?

I really liked puzzles, good job !

More Informations : https://nilodree.itch.io/soul-quest

For the Showreel !