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Now that the game jam is over, Hedron has been updated!! Version 1.0 now includes an in-depth tutorial and 10 levels scaling with difficulty.

That's a really good point! In the actual levels, we were planning on having the type of dice available be limited and the equations needed to be solved require using different dice. Also yeah we were gonna add a completely negative die and different variations of special dice. Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! Cheers :D

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed our game :)

Haha! Thanks for playing our game! We agree that words would've appealed to a bigger audience but in terms of mechanics, the same game but involving words would've taken a larger team and a lot more time. If we ever do make this a mobile game, we promise to make it ad free lol

Thanks for playing and leaving some kind words! The levels were going to test the player based on how well they can use numbers and how well they can use the dice given to them. Some levels would have pre-filled numbers, while other levels would be completely empty but with interesting formulas. In addition, the player would be limited in each level by the types of dice handed to them, so you won't get all 5 in every level.

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! We have ideas in the works to make it less luck based but still have the right amount of needed randomness.

It was originally intended to be a puzzle game where players would mess around with numbers and figure out how to make certain equations work, but I can also see how it can be an educational game as well.

Thank you so much for playing and leaving in-depth feedback! As for your strategy, it would work only in certain scenarios. Different levels would only allow you to use certain dice so you might not always have the smalls dice with you. We also plan on updating the game after the jam ends and adding a proper tutorial and a few levels. We're glad you enjoyed playing. Cheers!

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! We plan on updating the game after the jam ends with proper levels.

Ooo we never thought about that. Our levels were meant to highlight various aspects of number theory so in a way, this could be a great tool for teaching mathematic principles. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoy it!

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! The levels were supposed to mimic different formulas and test how well the player can use certain dice to make interesting number combinations by limiting which dice they can use each level. We're glad you enjoyed the gameplay!

We plan on updating the game with proper levels and story after the jam. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed our gameplay!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked the polished feel despite it being unfinished.

I went into this expecting a dating sim or something and... this was not what I was expecting... Lol in all seriousness, this is a really cool concept and a very unique submission. I enjoyed the atmosphere, creepy videos, and the unsettling vibe I got from the antagonist. Overall great experience. Cheers!

The animations, art style, and sound design go hand in hand and it's a sight to behold. While I suck at your game, I admire the complex yet easy-to-learn game play. Nice submission!

Holy cow the sound design and art is gorgeous. Not to mention the subtle camera movement, easy to learn gameplay, and the snappy controls. Props to your team for putting together a submission that's simple yet so extraordinary. Cheers!

Thanks for playing and leaving kind words! We plan on finishing and releasing a completed build of this game after the jam ends. Glad you enjoyed the UI and mechanics :D

Had this been a 72 hour jam, I'm sure we could've been able to deliver a proper submission with levels. If you're interested in trying it out, we plan to go back after the jam and release a finished version of this game with actual levels.

math is pretty darn cool

Unique concept and satisfying dice roll sound effect. I encountered a bug however since my die just disappears after the first roll and I'm stuck in a scene with no die lol. If this were to be polished further, it could be a really fun game. Cheers!

Visuals and gameplay are top notch. The atmosphere and feel of the game are satisfying. I also enjoyed the use of text to narrate the battle and the drag and dropping of the dice onto the heroes. If you were to polish this, you could sell this as a complete game. Nice submission!

Unique game with a gorgeous and charming art style. My only gripe is the loose tie in with the theme. Other than that, you could polish this and make it a full game. Nice submission!

10 out of 10 title. Game mechanics are decent and the art style is simple yet charming. Great submission!

The only game where you can proudly say no to your dad asking "Are ya winning son?"

Great submission! The game mechanics are nicely done and the art style is simple yet pleasing. I loved the feeling of excitement every time I was able to destroy dice by matching them. This game is addicting... maybe too addicting... Cheers!

Great submission! I enjoyed the humor and feel of the game. The environment art is simple yet pleasing and the gameplay is great. Cheers!

Holy Cow! This game is so well polished, it reminds me of Enter the Gungeon. The art style is top notch, and the game mechanics are gorgeously done. I especially like the fact that opening doors leads to the player choosing a card which forever impacts the game. I really enjoyed this submission and I can see it becoming a full sellable game if you were to polish it more. Cheers!

Really cool environment art! While the character movement isn't top notch, I really enjoyed playing. If you were to polish this a bit more, I could see it becoming a full sellable game. Cheers :D

10/10, these are indeed dice

I'm foaming at the mouth over how incredible the graphics, sound design, and gameplay are. I would literally spend my life's savings on this game.

Funny title and great concept! I liked the cute art style and the game is fairly easy to learn. If this were polished more, you could make this into a full sellable game. Cheers!

Woah! This game is surprisingly very similar to our submission lol. I liked the sound design and overall feel of the game. It's satisfying to create new numbers and to drag around the generated numbers. If you were to polish it further, I can see it becoming a complete steam game. Cheers!

Visuals of this game are gorgeous! I like the overall feel and charm of the game. Nice unique submission :)

*vine boom sound effect plays*

The graphics for this game are beautiful and I especially liked the bloom effects. The gameplay is well polished and the combat is satisfying. If you could randomize more game factors with dice, you could make this a really really interesting and customizable game. Nice submission, cheers!

Holy cow! The art style and game mechanics in this game are amazing! The visuals remind me of Celeste and the gameplay is very tight. I love how satisfying it is to pick up dice and open gates. The sound design is also really strong and I can totally see this becoming a full game. If you aren't planning on it already, I suggest continuing to work on this and eventually commercialize it. Cheers :D

Great submission! Cute simplistic art style, this submission has a lot of charm to it. I especially loved the dice customization since it's an original concept that can lead to more variation in game play. Cheers!

Cute game! I loved the gameplay feel and the dotted key face on the die. I wish there was an interactive tutorial because the intro is text heavy. But once you get the hang of it, the puzzles are fun and challenging. Cheers :)