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I love the game

just keep your scope smaller next time. But it is kinda fun. : )

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I subscribed to your youtube channel great work and it looks like this is the most weirdest game in the whole game jame this makes it do good

cool game I got 2200 points

cool game but why does the player have only one life and the slimes have so many?

I love the penguin it is realy cute and the games controls feel fantastic you realy know what you are doing

at first I thought this game is going to be boring but when I saw the sliding blocks I saw how genius the game realy was realy good

cool game but I would like to have a bigger brush or pencil it would be faster. At the start it is pretty boring because you draw just for a long time until the dialog changes a bigger brush would make It more exciting in my opinion.

the snake is too slippery for me

it is a bit to hard for me but good game

It is my computer how has problems. I have played other games and there sometimes is the same problem so it isn't your fault.

I dont realy understand the game

It is very easy to just spam f.

no problem 

I realy like the game and I am proud to say I had all three answers correct on the first try. I love these kinds of game are you making more of it? I would love to play a second part.

cool game and cool idea my best core was 4800

very cool game and amazing art but the floor is very slippery wich was for me very frustrating.

I like the game I will play it with my little brother. You could have added more maps I think there was enough time to do that.

the second level was to hard for me but it seems to be a nice game. 

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I can't play but I like the Idea of the game. There is an error message "abort(114). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.". But I still will give you a good rating for the Idea.

I like the game but I think it would be better if the ship would move faster (like a motor boat). Then it doesn't take so long to search the fisch.

I will now add the socore counter thanks for the advice

I can't see my Cursor.

The score doesn't reset if you lose it stays on -120 all the time


Cool, I like the Sound fx and the Gameplay. the bad thing is the art has to much Bloom. And that isn't so nice for the eyes. Still good game.

now I understand 😂. I will give the game a try again and try to give you a better rating.🙂

I didn't understand how to Play. A Tutorial whould be helpful.

It would be cool if bullets like (0,1) would fly at the obsticles.

Pause doesn't pause the game

It is very sad that the main menu is broken. : ( Maby you could eddit it (if you are allowed)I would do that and blackthornprod would fully understand it. I am sorry. : (

Next Time try to polish the core Gameplay more instead of making the nice intro.

Thank You. I like that you had fun

Oh ok but I haven‘t heard of the game („zerg rush“). Still thanks for your feedback 🙂

Thank you for your feedback next time I will try that 🙂

Yeah 😂

Thank you. It was the first time I jused ScreenShake so it wasn’t so good 😂.