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Nick Vaccaro

A member registered Jan 21, 2019

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Welcome back! Sorry to hear that life has been tumultuous, but happy to hear that you're largely on the other side of it. It's much easier to drop a project altogether and start a new one than it is to return to it after a delay. I'm impressed with your desire to return!

I waver between wanting to make the games I want to make and/or play and the games I think others might want to play.

This hits home for me. It's a difficult line to walk, making something you care about passionately, vs. making something that will sell. I personally have settled for making a game I want to play, treating myself as the "ideal player". If you can find others who like the same kinds of games as you, then you already have a small market going!

Looking forward to future updates :)

Wow, a dead drive mid-development. That's one of those things that they always warn you about but never happens. Sorry to hear it!

Very insightful post! One of the biggest take-aways, for me personally, was how you laid out level progression as it related to narrative. Linear puzzle progression does lend itself well to a narrative driven game. Great point that I never really thought about before.

Regarding the N-Gon idea, I love it! It's a really good idea and will be a nice reward after each level. It could be a good opportunity for some juicy animation too (maybe not mobile-game levels of juice, but something fun and exciting).

Out of curiosity, do you plan on having the N-Gon amount rewarded at the end of each level be variable, for instance if you beat the level in fewer moves you get a higher reward? I know there is some debate about "move counters" in puzzle games and how they can detract from the point of the game. I'm curious if you've thought about this for IGEO though.

Thanks again for the post, looking forward to more!

Really good stuff as always Nate! I didn't even get to the power ups until after my third death, and at that point the game got real good.

Solid, replayable gameplay, and the power ups just make me want to keep going and see how powerful I can make my guy. I'll often leave 1 enemy alive and collect as many coins as I can until they kill themself.

Nice clean art, and you did a great job with the UI portraying what was happening. I was never confused at any point. And of course, the music is great.

Picked this game up as soon as it launched and have been playing it a bit off and on. I haven't finished it by any means yet, which is a good thing because that means there are lots of puzzles. Really enjoying it so far though! The music sounds like an enhanced version of the first game, which I like.

If you're looking for a difficult yet relaxing puzzle game, this is for you!

Interesting update! Regarding #3, what mechanics did you throw away, if you don't mind delving into it? Were any of them present in the initial demo?