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Welcome back! Sorry to hear that life has been tumultuous, but happy to hear that you're largely on the other side of it. It's much easier to drop a project altogether and start a new one than it is to return to it after a delay. I'm impressed with your desire to return!

I waver between wanting to make the games I want to make and/or play and the games I think others might want to play.

This hits home for me. It's a difficult line to walk, making something you care about passionately, vs. making something that will sell. I personally have settled for making a game I want to play, treating myself as the "ideal player". If you can find others who like the same kinds of games as you, then you already have a small market going!

Looking forward to future updates :)

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Thanks, Nick. Your words are super encouraging!

There were a couple of weeks where I had pretty much decided to can it out of frustration. IGEO has always been one of those labors of love for me and I felt like I was trying too hard to make it into something palatable for others.

I think you either like these kinds of games or you don't. It's simple and challenging and throwing anything else in there was ruining it for me.