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Yep, same. Just a 1mb patch is processing for 10 hours already

Thank you for the detailed review!

Man, it was so nice to read this, thank you a lot ❤

I don't remember reading anything that cute!

Well, yea, trying to stress less, be more productive and well enjoy life in general was the main focus for the past few years for me. And well, i have a lot to reach still, but i think i did good progress anyway! Also working with the artist helped a lot. Not sure if you saw my last game, Fruit Idle, but yea, it was made with the artist, and it looks really good. And i plan to continue working with the artist on next games. So team work and stuff helped me a lot. I was making my games totally alone before and well it was pretty easy to fall into depression. It's still happens a lot, but not THAT a lot. And like, there are a lot obvious things to do to keep yourself in a better state, but i found out that most things just dont work for me, so i had to figure out my own things, and well, it's really hard, but i gain some progress anyway i think, so it's nice already.

So, i really wanted to update DFI, but expectations was just so high, and my skills was pretty bad. Also code base for the game was shit. So i spent half a year trying to release something and just end up fully depressed. So i abandoned all attempts at some point and moved on to the new games. And well, it helped!

Im not sure when, but i really want to work on DFI 2. I think im ready now, both in terms of skills and my mind state. But i need to establish myself in terms of money still. So i will have to make more smaller games before starting to work on DFI 2. And im not sure how much will it take, but if everything goes well i think somewhere in 2023 sounds pretty possible. So join discord to stay tuned!

Thank you a lot again, it was really nice of you ❤

You need to do a rebirth, then you will be able to buy upgrades for RP. With RP you can upgrade amount of turrents, yes

Also the music. It changes so quickly and strangely when you talk to someone or change location. Idk it's just so distracting to me. Why change it so frequently without any reason?


You need to rebirth first, to get Rrebirth Points, and then you will be able to buy turret count upgrades in the Rebirth menu

I did :)

Oh, okay, thanks!

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I would REALLY like the ability to repick units in first maybe 10-30 seconds of the game, because it's already happened to me several times when i didn't pick up the guy who gives hearts and i was literally forced to just erase my run and start again

That's all we needed, noice

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I got there completely by accident, but i really like your storytelling and your humor. Even though this theme seems not interesting for me at all, i finished this game and read everything and actually had fun, thanks!

don't know why i can't rate but it was really fun to play. also yeah, better fps would be nice

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I'm glad you had fun! Thank you for playing ❤

Thank you very much! Your kind words really help! ❤

Good job! 🙂

Haha, no, save file is just compressed to be smaller

Yeah, sorry, I still struggling to release something, i'm just super unproductive and low motivated, even though i really like to make games, so it's really hard. But thanks for your attention to the game! I hope i will be able to release something cool for you to play someday 

Most of the game logic is written in TypeScript, but the game is still made using Construct 3, and it's not a free engine. Also UI system, because of C3, is really strange, so idk. Is there really a point to do this or no

Thank you!

Yeah, click damage is some % of monster health, for bally it's 10%, for rockster it's smaller and also reload duration is longer

Yeah, probably someday, but it's not in priority right now

Okay :D

Sounds strange.. I like it! :D

Discord is fine. nerdError#0936

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Wow, not sure, is it like ad or interactive review, but thank you! ❤

Hmm, okay, i will probably check this out, thanks! 😉

In current version spikes already does it. And also in the next update I will add separate ice trap :)

Yeah, good idea, thanks!

Thank you!

Thanks! :D

Yeah, sorry for this. My bad

It says 10.000, meaning 10000 coins, not 10

I will add some multiplication upgrades for turret damage in the future, like it works with monster rewards now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Post here screenshots of your progress, statistics and so on!

In the next update I to plan add more upgrades to the Rockster, and most likely to change the old ones, so I will try to fix that problem, thank you for the details!

Thank you! Yeah, that's why i love idle games, they are relaxing! :D

Unfortunately, I can't do anything about pausing game when tab is not active, it's a problem of engine I'm using. About locked content... Hmm, yeah, I think I will do it in one of the next updates, at least for things in Unlocks tab. Thank you for the review! 


Thank you! I plan to update the game actively in the near future, so stay tuned! :)