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Super impressive jam game! The puzzles were challenging and engaging with a finely dialed difficulty curve, always teaching a new mechanic/concept. I loved the idea of having to work around some OOC inputs, especially when those started changing! Felt like I was using the same muscles as debugging. I wasn't familiar with the format, so it did take me a bit to figure out where the "nodes" were so I could enter inputs, but then I was off to the races!

Looks like a blast, any chance at a web/macOS build?

Great idea and execution. The swooping swirling backdrop was a bit much for me, actually had to stop playing from a bout of motion sickness which is a first for me! Enjoyed the gameplay though and maybe next time I won't be so mad at Tetris RNG for a wrong piece now that I know what they have to deal with ;)

Does this play on MacOS? I tried both downloads and am only getting .exe files?

Hilarious and engaging concept, adorable art and well-designed UI. A jam game that feels 100% complete! I'm pretty proud of my 263 ;)

Fun concept and great variety of challenges on the different levels! Would love to see more of this!

Oh, lol, I missed the book at first and ended up turning some valves? Still don't know if that did anything. So I went back and read the book and immediately pressed AZ5 XD Waited a bit, pressing a few other buttons to no avail, then pressed AZ5 again and it immediately blew up. It was fun to have to guess at what was going on in what appeared to be an incredibly complicated machine. I'd recommend making the level smaller, maybe even one room? Or just an upstairs and a downstairs? The fun is in pressing buttons, flipping switches, etc., not the walking around bits.

Wow, this was great! As others have said, the UI, animations, and art are all on point. Very fun brain-bending concept too trying to learn a new keyboard on a time limit. First jam game that I've played that feels 100% complete. It's a simple idea executed well, one of the best of the jam in my book :)

Looks great! I had a little trouble picking up cubes, but the base mechanics are fun and the art style is sweet! I'd be interested to see this one developed further.

Wow! First 5-star rating I've given out for this jam :) Impressive amount of content and variety/interactions of planets. "Controls" were a bit tricky at first, but once I got the hang of it I had a blast! It felt great to make some of the more difficult shots. Overall very well put together and scoped for the jam. I would absolutely play more levels if you make them!

Had a good time in the danger zone ;) I think a point-and-click control scheme would be better where it aims where you point and then shot power is determined by how far away you are aiming. Also some particle effects on enemy deaths would be great. Overall it's definitely a finished game and decently fun with room to make it even better :)

Wow, this is great! Fun concept and very well-scoped for a jam game. The only thing I can think to add would be a high-score function. Great twist on a space shooter to fit the theme :)

Impressive work for a jam game! Would love to see some visual cues for when enemies spawn and when you are taking damage. Also had trouble jumping into walls and getting stuck. But I enjoyed the concept and the art/aesthetic a lot! Some sort of powerups would be a cool way to continue dev if you want.

Fun concept! Would love to have more lanes and maybe see the "player" car move around between them. Also an indicator when other cars are coming would be nice.

Very fun/hectic. Thought it was hilarious how you implemented managing emotions as part of the "out of control" XD Would be cool to see it developed with a bigger play area or levels!

Loved the art and sound effects XD I had a couple issues with platforms not being perfectly level and blocking movement. Didn't find the tongue mechanic very useful at all, but it was fun as heck to send the little guy flying and just hope for the best!

I liked the "partial control" because it made me watch more closely to try to understand the behavior of the boxes and how I could influence them. Would have been nice to have a quick statement of the objective at the beginning, almost quit playing before I guessed that I was supposed to get the blue box into the orange ring.

Thought nothing was happening for a bit, then it all blew up and I died. No idea what I did or didn't do to cause that. Great game XD

Loved the strategy of having to plan turns for when the player would go out of control. 

Great challenge and fun to relearn how to play a classic. Nice presentation too!

Had a lot of fun playing! Wasn't very clear when the "mob got me".

Fun concept! Took me a bit to realize I could "snake" the NPCs and I would love to see something at the end, but great work!