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Arrange the coins correctly

Thank you guys for all your support. I see that we finished at 19th place and are currently the in popularity in submissions. We are TOTALLY gonna CONTINUE. If you have any suggestions make sure to write them below.
You can follow us here on Itch and on all the social media:


Or you can join our discord:

Again thanks for all your feedback and stay tuned.

Nice COMMUNITY made trailer.

Oh, thank you. I liked your art style too. Ye the camera and movement speeds could use some speed up, maybe permanent sprint.

My Čechové si musíme pomáhat, takže tu máš taky hodnocení, tenhle typ kombinačních her mám hrozně rád, ale přidal bych tam trochu magického koření, nějáký partikly atd.

Thx for playing.
Taky si to myslím, jen zas jak nejsme zapřáhlí do jamu, tak se týmu nechce do práce.

Jop, proto je tam "sprint", ale kdyby se takhle hráč pohyboval normálně tak by na to ta animace už vůbec neseděla.

If you controlled 2 people at once, that is a bug XD, its meant more as coop game, where you can switch sides, so you can actually play solo. But thx for playing. Did you play till the end?(Like it must have been like 10x harder with the double at once controls)

Oh like that, great idea thx.

SFX were planned, but hard, Camera can be rotated(but you might have missed it) if you mean that sometimes the player cant be seen, it is also planned to have see through walls like effect. Anyway thx for playing.

Ok thx.

This is interesting, what part you were frustrated about? Like sure I get that there was missing some dialog which would atleast tell you some of the controls.

You have a good point, I dont think any of our level designers play Toad, but I know about it and I have to give you that, it is pretty similiar.
And yes the stairs are a bitch, I just didnt know how to implement them properly, so that one can scale them and one cant.
Anyway, thanks for playing.

Dont worry, your progress is saved, so you will continue from the island you were last.

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Then try to play it in whole, theres even an outro, which explains the story. And ofc Thx for playing.

ehhhh, what?

I get that, but there must be a reason, I just want to avoid that the next time

Did you try the sprint button?

Like its slow or?

Thank you for playing, could you elaborate a bit?

Its Q on keyboard or Y on controller, depending how you play.

Thx for playing

XD, Thanks for playing

I love the voice acting, just please the next time use some noise reduction in audacity or anywhere.


Yes. The idea about being able to swing at higher velocity is actually a very good idea and prob. would have solved it very well. Thx

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Btw, have you found any of the easter eggs?

Thank you for your in depth analysis.
I can just say you are right, the problem is our "algorithm" scales with diffuculty in 2 or 3 direction at once, which is absolutely not a good idea (was written in last day if I recall correctly, if we are going to do something more about it I will take your calculations into account). How our system works is: Depending on your level(difficulty) +- some random you get a time, and then every output item has some point value(3 hard items has them hardcoded, and then a random semi could spawn which has point value for the whole group), we then subtract from the difficulty by these item points till its 0(I can only agree the time should have been calculated at this step). The score you get for completed item is based also on your difficulty(so in higher levels you get more points) the item lookup point value and also the time it took you from start.
 If I remember correctly I wanted to do something as you describe by going through all the recipe lists and calculating time it would took, but similiarly as with Customizer Machine or In Game Recipe book, there just wasnt enough time.

Thank you for feedback and have a nice day.

Thanks for feedback

Thanks for feedback

The tutorial references you to page, originally there was a recipe book, but because of not enough time we removed it and moved it onto the itch io page

You can just have 1 game manager script handeling everything with the update method and then have multiple other classes for each object which references it from the one monobehaviour, needed to say: It will be hard to navigate through it.