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You can just have 1 game manager script handeling everything with the update method and then have multiple other classes for each object which references it from the one monobehaviour, needed to say: It will be hard to navigate through it.

Essentially yes, as long as your script is only 1 .cs file and everything in your gaming is being powered by that 1 file (excluding Unity's included scripts such as Rigidbody,  MeshCollider, etc), there will be lots of scrolling and this jam was (at first) a small joke i had with one of my lecturer's at the time. but as the intrest seemed to grow we are making this more of a real thing but also for laughs and testing our abilities.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me as i want to make sure everyone understands the rules so i can update the page with more understandable termanology