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The Idea of this game jam is to create a fully functioning game with the use of a single script file. Other assets such as textures, models, sprites and sounds are not limited but all programming is restricted to a single script file.

Team Size

Teams are limited to a maximum size of 4 team members.


Leave something behind


  • Your game must not contain any nudity.
  • Games must be made in Unity Engine.
  • Games must be built for Windows 7 and up.
  • You're only allowed to use a single script file. This is means that all code and game functionality should be restricted to this single script file. Multiple classes can be used as long as they are declared within the single script.
  • Your game must include credits that display the names of everyone who contributed work to the project.


  • You must write your own code.
  • Standard components provided by Unity can be used. This include all of the standard components that you can add to a game object - such as  colliders, mesh renderers, audio sources, rigidbodies, etc.
  • You must not use any licensed third party assets (Unity Asset Store, Previous projects, etc.)
    • You are free to use audio , textures and font assets from 3rd party royalty free resource libraries such as and YouTube Audio Library as long as they are credited as the licenses deem required. (This means you will need to add in credits into your game, a simple note in a readme file does not count as valid credit)
  • You must not begin creation of any assets prior to the start of the jam. (Planning is however allowed)
  • You must show proof your submission is original work. This must be done in at least one of the following ways:
    • Privately (or Publicly) link your project files with your submission.
    • Make a video of the development process of the project and link it with your submission. (see video details*)
    • Contact one of the jam hosts via Twitter before the start date of the jam if you would like to discuss a different proposition.

First breakage of any rules and you submission will be removed from the page,
Second breakage of any rules you will be disqualified from the jam. 

Video Details

Your video needs show the final script in full at some point (must be readable).
Your video needs to be at least standard HD (1280 x 720).
You will need to provide proof that the video is yours, this can be done by including  ("#OSJ") in the video description.

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macOS (2)
Linux (1)

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2D physics based platformer where number of jumps is limited!
Play in browser
One Script Jam game made by TheOriginal201, Jethro James Richards and YeetusMaximus7
Ripper Runner is a action-survival-timeattack game made with one script file.
Play in browser
Detach blocks from yourself to complete puzzles, OneScriptJam entry.
pilot reports weird lights and radios in but eventually the radios in stop
Climb the tower with your special abilities! You can only hold one, though... (Made for One Script Jam)
Entry to the #OneScriptJame
Evacuate and Defend the survivors from falling Missiles and Enemy Robots.
Play in browser
A game made entirely from one script, for the One Script Jam held in 2019.
Play in browser
Submission for One Script Jam - succeed by building on what others before you leave behind!
Find all the checkpoints before the you lose all your lifes.