Submissions open from 2019-09-23 04:00:00 to 2019-09-29 04:00:00
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The Idea of this game jam is to create a fully functioning game with the use of a single script file. Other assets such as textures, models, sprites and sounds are not limited but all programming is restricted to a single script file.

Team Size:
Teams are limited to a maximum size of 4 team members.

The theme will be announced at the start of the jam.


  • Your game must not contain any nudity.
  • Games must be made in Unity Engine.
  • Games must be built for Windows 7 and up.
  • You're only allowed to use a single script file. This is means that all code and game functionality should be restricted to this single script file. Multiple classes can be used as long as they are declared within the single script.
  • Your game must include credits that display the names of everyone who contributed work to the project.


  • You must write your own code.
  • Standard components provided by Unity can be used in the development of your project. These include all of the standard components that you can add to a game object - examples include colliders, mesh renderers, audio sources, rigidbodies, etc.
  • You cannot use third party assets - including assets from the Unity asset store.
  • You may not begin generating assets for your project prior to the start of the jam. However you may generate paper prototypes and production strategies for your script before the start of the jam.
  • Jam submissions must provide evidence that their programming assets are original work and not plagiarised. This can be done in the following ways:
    • Make the project files open source by including them on the itch page for the submission.
    • Privately link your project files with your submission.
    • Make a video of the development process of the project and link it with your submission. You could also make a 'developer commentary' style video where you explain and demonstrate how your code works.
    • Contact one of the jam hosts via Twitter if you would like to discuss a different way of providing the required proof of your original work.

If a participant breaks any of the outlined rules, cannot provide appropriate evidence of original work, or a project does not adhere to the jam's requirements, they will be disqualified from the jam.